Hi, I hope you are lovely..id just like to inform you about our upcoming events.

AprilEaster production at central ..all info is on the poster but I believe it'll have such an impact. Bring your friends,family members and whoever you can think of. I believe that it'll be worth it
Outreach week (O-week) 18-21

We will be trying out our new discipleship campaign. So Tuesday to Wednesday and we will reach out on the main campus and come Thursday we get together at the Dining hall,fellowship with as many that we have reached during the week, read a passage from scripture and then GO out with them so that they catch the heart already from the start.

We are having our training, making disciple 1&2 on the 21st and 22nd of April. Here we wanna inform and train people on what discipleship is all about. We also wanna inform people about changes such as connect groups now being called discipleship groups and the significance thereof
The last thing on our calendar for April is the missions trip to Swakopmund from the 23-28.

This will be a support mission to assist miss Loide in reaching the lost and advancing God's kingdom in that town (my home town).

Please pray into the following events, that many students that are reached come be a part of the family through Evangelism and discipleship. Also pray that the hearts of the students capture the heart of what it means to be a disciple and the significance therof in advancing God's kingdom. After all it says that the kingdom of God is like a mustard seed and we must be faithful in sowing this seed ,and that we are called to make disciples who teach others to obey what God commanded us as disciples in(the way of God,Following Him wholeheartedly).

Have a great month...🙂👍🏽

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