Lilac Scribbles

Highlights from the weeks of September 21 and 28, 2020

Hi everyone, welcome back! Your children have been busy and engaged - a lot of learning has been taking place!! Take a peek at the last two weeks!


We brought an end to our theme on feelings by reading the book "My Many Colored Days" by Dr. Seuss. (This was his very last book published after his death). He uses animals and colors to depict various feelings. At the end of the story there's a "mixed up color day". That's when you experience a number of feelings (colors) and you don't know who or what you are, but, eventually go back to being yourself! The children made suncatchers to illustrate one of those "mixed up color days"!

September 21st was the International Day of Peace. One of the ways we participated in celebrating this day was by sharing "The Peace Book" by Todd Parr. He so beautifully explains that peace means many different things. E.g., peace is making new friends, growing a garden, being free, thinking about someone you love, sharing a meal, watching it snow, being who you are! The children participated in various "peace" activities throughout the week.

crayon resist watercolor peace dove, pushpinning peace sign
pushpinning and dot marker stamping


A new season has begun, so naturally we say goodbye to summer and hello to fall and discussed changes that occur as a result of the new season.

seasons sorting (photos and pictures)
art project showing colors of a tree for each season

Apples Study

The children took a closeup look at 4 varieties of apples and learned about the parts of an apple - stem, skin, leaf, core, seeds, flesh. We also conducted a taste test of each apple. The class favorite was the golden delicious. On Friday, in class, we enjoyed the aroma of the apples being cooked with cinnamon, brown sugar (and a few other ingredients). The apples were served on top of graham cracker crust topped with whipped topping - "apple pie in a cup"!

parts of an apple, 4 varieties of apples extension works; using water color to paint favorite apple
apple testing sheet


solar system activity

The solar system was introduced. We've discussed the sun is in the center of our solar system; solar means sun; there are 8 planets, and interesting facts about each planet. We've also been "rocking" to a song that helps the children learn the order of the planets from the sun!

solar system matching and labelling activities
solar system cut and paste numerical order of planets


Some students have been introduced to syllables. They have been shown to clap or use fingers to determine the number of syllables.

solar system themed syllables work; after sorting students then write the words


Use of concrete materials lead to abstraction. Children have been given lessons, using various materials, to practice solving simple addition.

simple addition using the colored beads and table top rods

After putting out the numbers, the child then puts the appropriate colored bead by the number it represents. (Each number has its distinct color.)

associating symbol with quantity extension work

Practical Life

Homemade playdoh was put on some individual shelves. Oh, what fun!

playdoh fun

Walk Around the Sun

On Thursday, October 1, Hazel Kim turned 3 and took her celebratory Walks Around the Sun. Happy 3rd Year of Life, Hazel!

Walk Around the Sun celebration
Hazel's birthday celebration

Thanks for stopping by! Until next time.... Peace and Blessings!!