Back to the Beginning By: CAmeron Graham

In the beginning of humanity God created the first man and the first woman.

After God created man he decided that Adam was very lonely, so he decided to take one of Adams ribs and create Eve the first woman.

Divorce was considered a major sin back then because once you married another person it was considered adultery.

Moses believed that people were allowed to have divorces.

Jesus informs us that Moses was wrong and God intended for marriage to be a life long commitment.

John Paul II had put together the framework of God's plan for humanity.

This plan has four stages:Original Humanity, Fallen Humanity, Redeemed Humanity, Glorified Humanity.

Our experiences today mostly fall under fallen and redeemed humanity. The last two are the creation of humanity and the second coming of Christ.

God created marriage as a life long union.

As Christians we believe that during the marital sacrament the body of the man and women become one.

We are bound by our beliefs to love and take care of our spouse.

We idolize the human body because it is capable of making visible what is invisible.

We can reveal God through our bodies because he created us.

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