'Bape' is short for 'A Bathing Ape'. Bape is a popular Japanese street wear brand which became popular worldwide. It use to be only available in Japan but now it is available around the world. Bape is the most influential street brand that impacted many street wear culture today. It started off as a t-shirt shop now it is known for its bright colors and unique designs. Well known for its signature ape logo, shark design, and camouflage. Originally founded by Nigo in 1993. Nigo left Bape in 2013. Bape is now owned by a group called I.T. group from Hong Kong, China. Bape is not just about the clothe, its a lifestyle.

The brand Bape was named after the 1968 film “Planet of the Apes”. The name Bape is a reference to “A Bathing Ape in Lukewarm Water”. It comes from the saying that the people of Japan typically have daily baths in water at temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius. To bathe in lukewarm water is to relax and enjoy yourself. Which describes someone who lives in a comfortable , sheltered life. According to Nigo it is a reference to the lazier younger generation of Japanese, brand own customers.

In 2003 Nigo met famous music artist Pharrell Williams and made Bape more affiliated with the hip hop culture. This made Bape more known around other countries like the UK and US audience. This brand became more and more limited as it got popular throughout the years. Making it highly expensive. Bape is still considered one of the most popular in the street wear brand today!

Bape Products
Celebrities (Biggie Smalls, Metro Boomin, Drake) wearing BAPE
Bape in the music Industry

Many hip-hop artist obsession on Bape has influence their music and has made it into their lyrics and you can see them wearing Bape . These are some examples.


Remember "Ape shall never kill ape"

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