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The following pictures outcome was: developing ideas and find reliable sources for their writing. In this picture Dr. Pavletic is helping us develop our unit 2 final. What happened was we were working on the completion of our unit 2 paper, the paper was about a advertisement. The reason this was occurring was to prepare us to tackle each part of our unit 2 paper. What I learned most from my unit 2 paper was how to break down an advertisement effectively to write a good standard paper on it. To incorporate the course outcome, they used that course outcome because the unit 2 paper made us develop ideas about our reliable source. To relate this to English, unit 2 paper took me a very long time to finish because there was a lot that came into play when breaking down an advertisement and having to write a paper about it.

The following pictures outcome was: choosing appropriate methods of organizing effectively produce effective written communication demonstrating appropriate use of language, sentence structure, grammar, and mechanics. This is a picture of Caties suitemate doing her homework. To relate the outcome to her picture her suitemate is choosing certain methods of organizing her assignment that has to do with language, sentence structures, grammar, and mechanics. The reason she was doing her homework is because like all college students we have to actually do our homework to get good grades. What can be taken away from this photo is the concentration, sometimes we just need to put down our electronics and focus on what's really important, school work. To relate this to English class, you have to be willing to give your time and patients to your papers. You have to effectively produce effective papers that demonstrate the appropriate grammar and sentence structures.

The following pictures outcome was: assess sources and information, Develop ideas and find reliable resources for their writing. In this picture Catie and Andrea are chowing down some of Dr. Pavletics sweet treats! To relate to her outcome they were munching on there yummy treats while developing ideas and finding reliable resources to accomplish there unit 4 projects. To relate to English, the yummy treats were absolutely delicious, and our unit 4 paper was a research paper, where we gathered information that we could use in the future to put together a good research paper. The reason this yummy treat day occurred was because we had a workshop day that was basically for our unit 4 assignment but you could work on other stuff if you pleased, so our amazing teacher brought us yummy treats to eat while working hard.

The following pictures outcome was: organize their ideas effectively and Analyze the writing situation and choose appropriate methods of organizing effectively. In this picture Dr. Pavletic is pointing out how the body format of our unit 2 paper should flow. The picture goes with the outcome because in our unit 2 paper we had to organize our ideas effectively when laying out different parts of the advertisement we observed, and then to layout our body paragraphs we had to choose appropriate methods to organize each body paragraph. To relate this to English, I choose to layout each paper before I write it, meaning I make an outline of all my information I want incorporate into my paper and then I lay it out to make sure it will run smoothly in my rough draft. Our teacher took the time out of class to explain this to us, because if you look closely at the picture the body structure explains how you should lay out your body paragraphs for the unit 2 paper.

The following pictures outcome was: edit a document for consistent point of view, standard grammar usage, mechanics and punctuations. This picture relates to the outcome because in this picture this student is editing as certain document on his computer to make sure his paper is grammatically flowing and the mechanics are standard. This relates to English, because throughout English class we had to go through and review our papers to make sure we are using all the correct grammar and that the mechanics we use were correct before submitting the paper for final grading. This happens because in order for us to get good grades on our unit papers we have to make sure that our final paper is up to par and all the mechanics and organization/ structure of the paper is correct.

The following pictures outcome was: analyze and define the needs of their intended audience. This picture relates to the outcome because by the looks of the picture you don't know the intended audience, and its one of those pictures you could put your own twist to. Relating this to English, when we write out papers we have to step outside of our box and think about the intended audience to put together an organized and completed paper. The importance of doing this is to make your audience understand where your coming from and your given points.

The following pictures outcome was: critique other's drafts and work collaboratively on a writing problem. This picture relates to the course outcome because as you can see in this picture I am critiquing one of my group members unit 3 project. In English we peer review our groups assignments before they turn them in. Peer review is where we all look and go over our groups papers or project then we give them feed back on things they can improve or change. The reason this is so important is because its step before the final step, it gives you a chance as a writer to get feed back from someone else to change your paper and make it better

The following pictures outcome was: work effectively with others to produce and/or revise written material. This picture goes with the course outcome because in this picture our group is working effectively to help peer review our unit 4 papers. In English class we spend a good amount of time working with our groups, and peer reviewing each other papers to help each other improve our own individual writing. this can really help a writer improve on there writing skills. No feedback on a paper is ever bad, feedback only pushes you forward as a writer.

The following pictures outcome was: adapt to the workplace and produce a variety of written documents as required. The picture relates to the course outcome because in this picture Ben and his buddy are adapting to the work place they chose to get there homework done. I remember the first day of English class was so nerve racking. Walking in I was so nervous and freaked out, but as time went by I adapted to my work place and become more comfortable with the work area and my surroundings. In life in general you have to adapt to different situations and different areas to become more comfortable and aware of the area or individuals within that area.

The following pictures outcome was: identifying and locating proper information. this picture relates to the course outcome because when completing our unit 4 paper we had a library day. On this library day we had a librarian come in and talk to us about the places we could look for good and reliable sources. When writing a standard paper in English class you have to make sure all of your sources are reliable and make sure all of the ideas you use for each paper flow effectively. This class really improved that aspect of writing for me, I never was good at looking for good sources or having good ideas, but this class gave me the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone to learn new ways about finding sources and also how to incorporate that information a effective way into my paper.

The following picture outcome was: assessing information. For starters this is an amazing picture of myself... To relate the course outcome to the picture I was working on my McGraw Hill Connect to try and reach the certain percentage we have to maintain to get a good grade. McGraw Hill Connect is something we did throughout the whole semester. It helps improve our mechanical errors and grammar. This can really help because with all the papers we do its easy to make a grammatical or mechanical error, but the McGraw Hill Connect helps teach us how to remember where commas go, or where a comma splice is, or what a fragment is, etc. This can be very effective when writing a paper due to all the grammar that goes into the writing process and paper itself. English has really pushed me a step forward with my grammar and punctuation. I'm still not the best at it, and I feel its one of those areas you're either really good at or not good at all, but I do see a lot improvement after completing the McGraw Hill Connect.

The following pictures outcome was: working together collaboratively. This picture relates to the course outcome because as a track team you have to be able to work collaboratively together. The best relation this picture has to English Is in English we have groups and our group has to act as a team to help one another out to help them improve on there own personal writing capabilities. Its sad, because like teammate come and go groups come and go. Now looking through the semester I got blessed with the best group, and they truly did impact my writing. I'm going to miss them and this class a lot now that its basically done.

This pictures course outcome was: organizing the ideas of hockey effectively. This course outcome goes well with this picture because in the picture Raelyn and I are observing and watching the hockey game, well for our unit 3 project we had to do some observation of a community, this one being the Bulldog Community. In order to complete our unit 3 project we had to do some awkward observing, to be able to put together a standard complete project.

This pictures course outcome was: choose words and tone of voice appropriate to a given audience. This course outcome goes well with this picture because this picture is one of those pictures you can put a story behind, you can choose the audience and tone of this picture. That's probably one of the most fun parts of English is the use of your imagination. We did free write throughout English and during those free writes you could just have fun with it and use your imagination. Those writing pieces are always the best to look back and read, because I believe your best ideas come out during a free write.

This pictures course outcome was: improve content and style using feedback and revision. This course outcome relates to the picture because in this picture Kayla is working on her revision of her unit 2 paper. We were aloud to revise some of our unit paper to get a better grade. This is a very effective idea, because no paper is ever perfect for the first submit, so it gave us the chance to see what we may have done wrong, learn from it, and fix it.

Thank you Dr Pavletic for the best first semester ever! I appreciate all that you did for me, I know I probably was not always the easiest to deal with but you made it seem easy. Thank you for caring about me outside and inside the classroom. Most of all thank you for setting the standards high for English professors, you taught me so much and even though your class pushed me to my limits and I wanted to give up every 2 seconds I realized how all that hard is going to push me farther in my writing career. Thank you for being you! I hope to see you again for English 250!

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