1. How did the world around Van gogh influence the works he produced?

Well, when he moved to Paris, he was very inspired by Impressionism and Post-impressionism. This made him start to use vivid colors and to experiment with his technique. This evolved until he found the impasto technique which I will talk about later.

At first he didn't use a lot of colors and his paintings were mostly brown and some greens. This stopped when he went to Paris as I just said.

2.Which people were influential in his life and why?

In Paris van Gogh was influenced by painters such as Gauguin, Pissarro, Monet, and Bernard and developed a close friendship with Gauguin who eventually became one of the biggest artistic influences on van Gogh. Gauguin and him started to develop a similar technique that was applying paint thickly and using big brushstrokes.

Van Gogh was also inspired by Millet, who considered farmers and labourers to be honorable people. This was reflected on Millet's paintings and Van Gogh being an old missionary identified with the lower class people that Millet drew.

3.Van Gogh has a distinctive style. Describe the technique he used.

The technique van Gogh used is called impasto. It is basically when you use the paint thickly and undiluted. The result of this technique is leaving big brushstrokes of the finished result. When you put the painting sidewise you can see the paint sticking out. They also mix the colors on the canvas insted of on the palette.

The fact that the paint sticks out makes the painting change depending on the lighting of the room. This is because the paint that sticks out creates shadows, and these shadows vary depending on where the light is coming from.

It is said that he used this technique not just to add dimension but to add movement to the painting.

4. Choose a painting by Van Gogh and critique this artwork. Describe in detail the content and discuss why it was an important subject for Van Gogh to paint.

This is Starry Night. Van Gogh's most popular painting. As you can see, it is a town but what stands out in this painting is the movement. The technique he used to paint the sky and the tree helped him to create the illusion of movement and wind. In this painting he mostly used different tones of blue and other colors such as dark green and yellow for the moon and stars.

Now I will explain in detail the content of this paiting. To start we see a big tree on the left side of the painting. On the right, lower part of the paiting we see a small village with houses and a church. In the back we see mountains. And finally we have the best part of this painting in my opinion, the sky. We can tell that van Gogh really focused on the sky because it takes up most of the space in the paiting. The sky is dark blue and has a lot of movement. In the sky we see the moon and a lot of stars. He used thick brushstrokes to create movement and realism.

5.What have you learnt about painting in the style of Van Gogh during the process of this project.

I have learnt that the work he produced is very hard to copy because he had a very distinctive style that people like me who aren't good at art find difficult to copy.

I have also learnt that he used a great colour palette on all of his paintings that reflected what the painting was about, for example, if the painting was an old, poor family dinner he used browns, dark greens to reflect the poverty of these people.


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