How America Started In 5 parts

In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue. He found America! Columbus believed he could reach India by sailing west rather than sailing east. Columbus thought it would take 3,000 miles but really it took 14,00 miles. It took that long because he underestimated the size of Earth, he also underestimated the of Europe, and he thought Japan laid far east of China.

In 1607 the English settle at Jamestown. Jamestown was the first successful colony. The leader at Jamestown was John Smith. He made the policy ''No work No eat'' that became a very popular quote. At Jamestown Smith got ambushed by the Indians, John is mean to them so they line up to kill him until Pocahontas saves him. Then unfortunately while on this Jamestown adventure he got blown up by gunpowder so he got transported back home.

French and Indian War

The French and Indian war was in 1754. The first important battle was at Louisbourg. The second important battle was Quebec. America got allies with France and that affected us because we could fight the British better.

The Treaty of Paris was in 1783 it officially set the colonies free. There were to people that were there Robert Livingston and James Monroe. They made this Treaty for ending the Revolutionary War. We became America after the Treaty.

Treaty of Paris

The Louisiana Purchase was in 1803. James Monroe and Robert Livingston went to the French leader, Napoleon to buy some land. The initial offer for the land was 10,000,000 but they said I'll give you in extra piece of land for 15,000,000. Which we took and made our country bigger. So, these two men Lewis and Clark went on adventure to explore the extra piece of land, and they did.

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