Ngā ahuatanga a te kaiako The qualities and attitudes of an effective teacher

Teaching is the greatest act of Optimism

Building Student Relationships

Learning and having fun
building relationships between themselves
building teacher and student relationships is important for our children's learning and development
The best teachers learn from the heart, not from the book

Having a Positive Attitude:

if the teacher is positive, then the students will follow
A positive attitude will lead to positive outcomes

Shows Empathy:

understands and shares feelings with their students

understanding who they are and where they come from

When teachers grow, so will learners

Focusing on Purposeful Teaching and Learning:

developing different learning strategies
working through your students pedagody
Challenge and support the children's pedagogy knowledge
Setting learning goals for the students
Good teachers teach, great teachers inspire

Shows Professionalism

Being prepared, and well planned

Inspire the trust of your students

Dress Professionally

Be Punctual

Take charge of your classroom

Take pride in your classroom


Shows Enthusiasm

Being self-motivated, motivating the students to succeed

Collaborate your work as a teacher

Great communicator with his/her tone of voice, Eye contact and Body Language

Constantly adapting and developing to accommodate further understanding of the pedagogy involved in their students learning.

Celebrate all students successes

A teacher, takes a hand, opens a mind, and touches a heart

Is Passionate and Inspirational

Challenges the students in their learning environment

Keeps the children engaged in their learning environment

Continues to be a great role model and inspiration

Loves their job as a teacher


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