Red-tailed Hawk Buteo Jamaicensis


Since the red-tailed hawk can be found all over North and Central America, they only migrate depending on where there nest is located


The Red-tailed hawks preferred habitats include mixed forests, deserts and high bluffs where they build nests with whatever materials around


The Red-tailed hawk eats a variety of prey including...

Small Mammals


Small Birds




When mating, the male will perform aerial displays and steep dives. After the male performs this several times, the male will then grasp the talons of the female. After 10 minutes or so, the courtship flight will be complete. They will then have from 1 to 3 eggs in March or April and the eggs will come on day after the other

Red-tailed Hawk Status

As you can see, over the span of several years, the population of the red-tailed hawk continues to both increase and decrease after an extended period of time. The increases are caused by the migration of the hawk and the decreases due to the lack of food


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