Button Maker Make a statement

Make a button and share your message
Share your message.

begin here

Head to Canva and create an account. It's free. It's great.

  • Select Twitter post
  • Click Elements on the left side
  • Select Frames to find photo place holders. They have circle place holders, just scroll down to them. Click and drag your selected place holder onto your post.
  • Select Shapes¬†for a solid color background. There are also circle shapes, scroll down till you see them, and click and drag your selected shape into your post.
  • Select Uploads and click the green button to upload your image (if you have one). You can find free to use images here. Once it is uploaded, drag and drop it into your frame place holder. You can reshape the image, or place a filter on it.
  • Select Text on the left and pick a text/font you like, then drag in onto your post. Select Ungroup if you pick a text with multiple fonts to separate them into individuals. You can then edit/delete the fonts you want. You can edit the color, size, location and font while you are in the text.
Make a statement.


  • Click File and Save, in the upper lefthand corner
  • Click Download, leave as a PNG, and click the green button to download
  • Open the downloaded file
  • Select Print
  • Towards the bottom of the print page, look for Scale
  • Select Scale, and adjust to 45% (it normally prints at 100%)
  • Then print to the color or black and white printer
Wear it, Say it.

Make a it

  • Watch the video below.
  • Make your button!

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