This is Autumn Fire Welcome To the new era

Autumn Fire is a collection of short 1-5 minute pieces that will document our team’s journey throughout the season.
“Autumn” is for that special time of year when football returns to the Bulldog Faithful and “Fire” represents the passion for which all members of the Bulldog Nation pour into their work and dedication to this university.
At the core of football lie values important to how we live our everyday lives—values that are important to our growth as individuals. And so, each episode will be centered around a different ideology that we hold dear at the University of Georgia.
(“Commitment,” “Love,” and “Determination” are a few of the titles and topics that you will see). Autumn Fire is a representation of those crucial characteristics and will act as a link between the athletic, social, and educational aspects that make our school unique.
This project will show that we put our hearts and souls into the values we teach here—both on and off the field. Autumn Fire will underline the ways in which football offers us an opportunity to unite—a platform that can transcend race, religion, and all avenues of discrimination.
It will illustrate how our men on the field act as a representation of each one of us: a physical and hardworking team—one Bulldog Nation.
Ours is a group that perseveres—a special community that overcomes adversity—that attacks the day—that inspires.
Ours is a passion that ignites a fire deep within our hearts.

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