Theseus And Minotaur by: Megan Webb

Aegeus wanted Theseus to move a stone and if he moved he was strong enough he got to see his father.
Theseus father decides that Theseus will become king everyone cheered for him.
14 men and woman had to die they were given to minotaur he was half man half bull. Theseus was mad about this.
Theseus and 13 others went to sea in a ship with black sails Aegeus was sad because he might lose his son but Theseus said on the way back I will change the black sail to white so you know I'm alive.
Theseus had a spool of thread to first kill the minotaur with his sword and then use the thread to find his way out.
Theseus went into the maze using the thread as a guid to find his way back. He saw the minotaur got his sword and killed him. Theseus found his way back to the others. they then got on the ship.
When they were on the ship they forgot about changing it to a white sail. He screamed his son died so he jumped of a cliff and killed himself even though Theseus was still alive.


Created with images by Karl Le Gros - "Sailing boats in Rolle"

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