Working in the field of Visual Communication GRAPHIC DESIGN

Current employment opportunities in Graphic Design

Freelance Graphic Designer, In House Graphic Designer, Graphic Designer working under agency

Job Roles within Graphic Design

Creative Director, Art Director, Junior Designer, Designer, Senior Designer

Creative Director

A creative director position is the highest in the career pyramid that a Graphic Designer or any other creative can go. A creative director manages all creatives in a company and allocates jobs and projects to them to complete. Creative directors mainly work at advertising and marketing companies working with creatives as well as copyright, sales teams and marketing. Creative directors keep on top of design trends as well as advert and marketing trends. They hire creatives to work with them and make sure everyone works accordingly. Advantages of this job would be it's pay as some creative directors can earn as much as £84000 a year. Disadvantages would be that a creative director would have to be extremely organised as well as assertive when need be if staff arent working as hard as they should be.

Skills, Qualifications etc- A creative director often has a bachelors degree in a creative field with many years experience in all different job roles through the visual communication sector. A creative director would have to be very organised and be a leader as they would have to make sure everyone is on task. They would have to have extensive knowledge of all Adobe Creative Cloud software as well as other software that creatives may use such as Sketch etc.

Art Director

The art director is in charge of the direction in which a design project is going. They decide who will work on what parts whilst critiquing work as the project goes along. The art director makes sure everyone is working to deadlines and budgets are being adhered to. A successful art director must be easy to work with yet assertive when needed whilst appreciating people’s strengths and weaknesses. An art director can progress onto becoming a creative director. An advantage of being an Art Director would be creative freedom as people would be listening to your ideas as a designer, this could also fall under a disadvantage as if a client dislikes an idea they would be their first means of contact.

Skills/ Qualifications- An Art Director would realistically have at least a bachelors degree in their chosen speciality as well as many years of industry experience. A good Art Director would have to have good leadership qualities, they would have to be good decision makers and would have to be good to get along with as well as strict when they need to be.

Senior Designer

A senior designer checks and makes sure that all of the designers and junior designers works are good enough to send to clients and helps them with making adjustments to work. They work closer with designers and junior designers than the art directors do. They have to have good graphic design knowledge and great practise in it as well as great knowledge of layouts and technical requirements for clients. An advantage to be a senior designer would be that you have a bigger say over designers and junior designers in projects. A disadvantage would be that if you didn't have a good eye for mistakes then you would struggle with this position.

Skills/ Qualifications- A senior designer would have to have at least a degree in their specilised field in the creative industry as well as years experience working as an in house designer. An extensive knowledge of Adobe Creative Cloud software is essential and other software programs would be advantageous. A good senior designer would have to stay on top of design trends whilst keeping a very high standard throughout the agency. Confidence is a huge skill needed as well as the ability to keep a level head in stressful situations.


A designer works with clients or the Art Directors to see what direction projects have to go. Projects can include illustrations, logos, graphic artwork, typography or branding to name a few. A designer can progress on to become a senior designer in an inhouse company or if working freelance, can extend their client base to get bigger and better clients to work with. A designer liases with Senior Designers to make sure their work is correctly laid out and up to standard. An advantage of this job would be the variety of work that a graphic designer would get week in, week out. A disadvantage would be no creative freedom in the work place.

Skills/ Qualifications- A designer would be advantageous to have at least a degree in visual communications or graphic design but they may be accepted with an HND if their portfolio and client base is very professional and of high standard. A good designer would have to be good at communicating with clients as well as have good organisation skills to keep on track of clients and jobs to be completed.

Junior Designer

A junior designer is a newly qualified Graphic Designer who is new to working in the visual communication sector. They often work alongside studio members to input ideas into projects as well as recieving feed back on smaller projects they are working on for clients. A junior designer gets given smaller tasks to do than designers etc as they are still learning as a working designer, this could be seen as a disadvantage as they may be very capable of working with bigger projects with bigger clients. An advantage of being a junior designer is that you get to learn a lot about working in a working studio as a designer whilst getting advice and feedback from designers in higher roles. A junior designer can go onto become an inhouse designers then onto senior designer etc.

Skills/ Qualifications- As a junior designer is fresh out of education either a HND, or a Degree in Visual communication or Graphic Design would be needed to become a Junior Designer. A junior designer must have a thick skin and the drive to show employers that their work is good enough to be showcased in agencies. A good junior designer will have confidence and will be able to sell their work to agencies and clients.

Responsibilities of Employers within a Graphic Design Studio

Health and Safety- As it is the law for employers to provide a safe environment for staff to work in more often than not risk assessments would have to be taken out in the studio to make sure that the studio is adhering to the health and safety laws. A lot of things could be deemed as hazardous in a studio for example craft knifes, guillotines, unsafe wires for computers and spray mount spraying in an unventilated area. It is as much as the employer as it is the employees responsibility to work and practise in a safe studio. Incorrectly adjusted computers and chairs can cause injury to both eyes and backs which would cause disruption in the studio.


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