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"Raindrop, drop top..." stare through the cup, watch the paintbrush: the seconds long journey of paint from the top of the glass to the bottom. Everything takes place in terms of the natural periodicity of the radiation of a cesium-133 atom. :)

Dumbledore's Pensieve
Jellyfish & the Seal


Heads Up
Man Down
Brain Scans


This section was focused on reshooting portrait photos that Tyler and I were working on last semester. Though our photos from last semester weren't bad -- they lacked an artistic touch. Inspired by a photographer I've been following (stalking) from the Brown Visual Art department, I focused on the liquefaction of the subject, in an attempt to draw the eye around the photo.

[Work by Corey Marsh that inspired me -- most influential piece: Tension.]


My older pieces were constrained to the limits of the camera -- I had no knowledge of Photoshop or Lightroom. Now I'm learning a lot more about both, and that's influencing me to take photos that can portray a little bit more than real life.

Color Sketch


Connection defines our entire lives. I am devoting this year to bringing everyone I know closer together. To me, this means reaching out. As I leave my home, and go out into the world, I want to bring my home life as close to me as possible. I will solidify years-long friendships, life long sibling connections and bring happiness to those around me, I will connect the outliers of my life through lending a hand.

Bold Reach
Holding On
New Waters
Created By
Nat Redfern

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