CU 1010 Portfolio Created By: Grace Fusco

1: Mindset; Recognizing and Revising Self-Talk Patterns

Inner Critic: Grace, you'll never be good at math, it's just not something you're capable of.

Okay so, I didn't make such a good math grade and immediately my mind goes toward self doubt. Telling myself that I'm just not capable of the confusing language that is Calculus. Instead I sit back and try to soften the blow by telling myself, meh, you've never been good at math so this grade shouldn't be a surprise.

I believe that changing this language can start with small things before class such as, "Grace, you CAN do this. Sure, it's gonna be rough, but you will get through this class alive and well and hopefully a little smarter." *MENTAL WINK TO SELF* -- Trying this out helped somewhat but then I started to run into my other inner voices..

Well thank you Obama. But you know fam, it's hard. It's hard to convince yourself that you're capable of greatness.
Inner Defender: Grace, it's all so and so's fault, why is he whispering to a class of three hundred students anyway?!

Okay so, I've come to learn that I'm quick to blame someone else for my lack of effort. Blaming my professor for speaking so silently during lectures... when in actuallity it's my fault because I'm choosing to sit in the "cheap seats." Since realizing this, you can bet ya girl is sitting in the front of the class.

Well, making this voice more of an inner guide voice is based on taking steps to fix what I'm placing my blame on. Hence moving up to the front of the room, no cheap seats for ya girl no mo!

Inner Guide: Grace, you didn't do so well on that section of the math test, you missed the corresponding PAL session, I think you know what you need to do now.
Yes, inner guide, clear thinking Grace. You da real MVP.

PAL SESSIONS. Okay so, PAL sessions are extremely helpful I'm finding out this semester.. wish I could've figured that out last semester but ya know. Better late than never, am I right? I'm glad that this inner guide aspect of myself is beginning to surface more and more as the days go by. It's been really helpful to be able to step back and criticially look at my results as compared to my effort. First math exam, not so hot, due to missing PAL sessions. I sat down with my professor and he gave me some helpful tips for studying and I've already begun preparing for this next exam. <I'm gonna crush it!>

2: Self Management; Time Management and Self-Study

The Semester Plan
After getting this planner from The Academic Success Center I made it a point to sit down and thouroughly set up every month in detail.
The Weekly Plan
Color coded at it's finest!

Classes that are main priority this semster are Biology, Biology Lab and Calculus. Floating through the other classes such as Animated Insects, English, and CU 1010 is proving to be quite simple.

Daily Plan, "The Nitty Gritty"
I'm a sticky note type gal, I normally set this up for the day and then place it on my laptop because I always have my laptop.

My schedule didn't need too many corrections. The only thing I changed and or added was studying the harder concepts of biology right before going to bed, because studies show that improvement will follow after doing just that. So, I switched things up and gave that a try as well. Positive results so far.

Quadrant Action Chart; I'm not really sure what else this was supposed to entail.

3: Learning; Retrieval Practice and Self-Study

Biology flashcards. I plan to look at these for 30 minutes each day, they include everything we've learned so far. Then I will quiz myself on quizlet to see if I have retained this information. Results: Pre Test: 82%. Post Test: 94%. Some improvement as you can see via scores, yet, these took forever to make :(
Biology quizlet, I switched up my technique and threw in some questions instead of simply definitions and it proved to be benificial. Not only did I make this quizlet application but I put everything in my own words as I focused on it which I believe helped me retain more information. I studied this for 30 minutes and got an A on both the pre and post test.
Self Testing

For this I did a math test. I went on Clemson's website and I timed myself while taking the test from the previous semester. I finished it on time yet, looking back with the key I didn't do so hot. SO. I set up a time for me and my smart friend Matt to go over the test in the library. He cleared up some of my confusion and the next day I had a meeting with my professor and he cleared up the rest of the confusion, so, it all worked out in the end.


SElf Exhibit 1: Searching for the perfect study area...

I believe that the Library will most likely be the best place to study although, I am rooting for the dining hall because I love to eat. So, I've decided to spend an hour at each location and then evaluate the quality of the studying that I got done afterwards. I'll list pros and cons of each area and list issues, if any, of said area as well.

Yes, indeed, here we go.
The Library

Success as I thought! I sat in a quiet zone, plugged in some headphones, and really tuned in on my biology studying. I used quizlet, flashcards and seemed to really grasp majority of the information I went over in ever sense of Bloom's Taxonomy. Although, many cute guys were in the library and ya girl(aka me) did get distracted for a moment when this tall guy walked in... nevermind that though that could happen anywhere on this campus. Sheesh.

The Lounge

Okay, so, the lounge went better than expected. The lounge of byrnes is basically a cemetery.. real dead. There were comfy chairs, I could focus and not be interrupted yet.. there was commotion going on outside of the thin walls that I could hear distinctly. I would study here again of course, I retained information quite well, yet from my conclusions it doesn't seem to be the best option.

The Dining Hall

I LOVE THE DINING HALL. Now, I feel that this study area depends on different aspects. You can't go during peak hours, and I have got to get a booth in order to spread out all of my work. (Which can be very tricky to claim, especially when the dining hall gets busy.) On a more positive light, FOOD FOOD FOOD. I never went hungry throughout this study session, yet, I will admit that food was more on my mind after the fact than the material was... oops.


In conclusion, i feel that the library is the best fit for me as I'm Sure it is for most.

I should be getting a portable hammock for my birthday though and this might change the game completely to be honest. Hehe.

4: Exams; post-test analysis + Office hours visit

Fancy autopsy of test.
Back of fancy autopsy.
Got a D. :(

It honestly made me sad to fill out the autopsy because I was completely shocked when recieving this grade. I went to every PAL session, I studied as much as I possibly could, did the practice exam available and went to my professor with questions. What did I do wrong? What can I improve upon?

After meeting with my professor, according to the advice he gave me, I miss most of my questions due to careless mistakes. We spoke about rushing through the exam and he advised me to pay attention to my breathing, not to rush, and to focus on each question as well as looking over answers briefly after the test. I will do this as well as my previous studying methods (math lab, PAL sessions, practice exams, webassign re-do homework assignments).

5:Collaborative/interpersonal skills; professor interview

Mr. Michael Russo--English 1030-30

Cue pre approved photo. ^

I'd like to set the scene by saying, we planned to meet at Briosos in DT Clemson at noon. It was a fairly nice day outside and I came prepared with all my questions typed up on my laptop. When walking downtown I noticed a bright green, small vehicle and to my surprise there he was. Nicely dressed, as always, vaping in the drivers seat of said little green car. I chuckled a bit at first glance and waited for him to exit the vehicle and walk with me to Briosos. Like the great teacher he is he paid for my meal, I thanked him, and we sat down. I was nervous, no doubt, and asked the first question. After his fast response I realized that I wasn't going to be able to type fast enough to get all of what he had to say, so, we decided to record the interview. Many questions were asked and various interesting things were learned at that table. Yet, overall, his outlook on failure is what stuck with me the most. "Failure, failure all the time." He looked at failure in a sort of positive light for without failure how can you learn anything about yourself, and your strengths and weaknesses? This resignated with me and made me feel as though failure isn't something to shy away from. Failure shouldn't stop you from taking risks and growing. Great interview. Great teacher. Funny guy.

self exhibit 2;best places to relieve stress

I am on the search for the best area on campus to relax. A place to be outside and simply take a step back from the stresses of life and college itself. This being said this is going to be slightly time consuming yet, worth it. I spent thirty minutes at numerous places all over campus and decided its overall significance to me based on certain criteria. Criteria for the best stress relieving area for me would be; shade, comfort, and isolation.

reflection pond grass

Tanning, soft grass, and sunshine. I set out on a 70-75 degree day in hopes to relax for while. I brought my headphones, a gatorade and I was just going to soak up the cool breeze and area. After 15 minutes the sun began to make me sweat, bees and other bugs were flying around my head and I felt like this just wasn't the best spot for me. It was a more isolated spot that I chose yet, still, I think I can do better than this.

eno chilling by byrnes

Shade, silky fabric and isolation. I set out on a 66 degree day in hopes of sweet breezes blowing through my hair while swinging in my eno. I set everything up in a nice shady area between two large trees RIGHT by my building, Byrnes. It was a really nice day, not too hot and not too cold. I brought a light blanket, water, and headphones and for those thirty minutes I was nothing but relaxed. <This may be a winner, but let's venture onward!>

underneath library bridge

Easy coffee acess, good friends, and benches. I set out on a 80 degree day in shorts and an oversized t-shirt in search of relaxation. I first stopped by the library and bought myself an iced caramel maccihato, which in itself made the area that much more enjoyable. I sat down on a bench and listened to some soft reggae music while soaking up the scenery of the gorgeous reflection pond. Overall this place had a great layout yet, it was pretty crowded indeed. <When I'm stressed out I don't too much care for other random people staring at me so, I know I would've left had I been extremely stressed.>

eno chilling by Byrnes is the winner

Overall, this had the best feel. This had the best shade, comfort, and isolation. I love my eno and I love how close the space is to my actual building, making it easy to pack up and run inside if it ever rained or anything like that.

6: GOALs; Personal values used to set long and short term goals

Well, these values made my top ten because I just couldn't seem to part with any of them. This activity started with upwards of thirty values to discard to only be left with five. This was a really fun and eyeopening activity. Now let's talk about the results.

My top 10!
My top 5!

Passion is definately my number one, no matter what this life brings I hope to be passionate about whatever it may be that I am doing. I found monogamy hard to throw away in all honesty and that really surprised me, I've never valued having a husband to be the end goal of my life. Yet, I suppose some part of me may value that.

7: Reflection


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