mokingjay bryce howard

Author: Suzanne Collins

Genre: Adventure fiction, war novel, science fiction, thriller

Author biography: Suzanne Collins started writing in 1991. She worked on nickelodeon early on in her career, she wrote children books as well. In 2008 The Hunger Games, the first book of this trilogy, was published. The trilogy was on the new york times best sellers list for 60 weeks in a row. She also had wrote 29 out of the top 100 highlighted paragraphs. In a more recent tally she has 17 of the top 20.

Setting: this story takes place in a futuristic world where north america is ruled by one single capital and is divided into 13 districts. The newly discovered district thirteen is where this story starts and then ventures its way to the capital and then ends up back in district twelve where the whole series started.

Plot Summary: Katniss's purpose is to be the mockingjay. She wasnt going to until she saw Peeta on the tv. She went to save him and when she got there realized he had a mental disorder where he is aggesive towards her. Prim dies in front of her and her and peeta go back to twelve after the war is over and live.

Description of main characters: Katniss- attractive female who is hardcore and thick headed and does stuff her way

Peeta: A sweet guy who is in love with Katniss and is tortured so bad he has a mental problem and is aggresive.

Plutarch: Middle aged man that is from the capitol and ex-head game maker who is in charge of everything to do with Katniss

Coin: Older lady that is the leader of district 13 and general of the whole rebellion

Haymitch: Older man who was in the first quarter quell. He is the only survivor of the hunger games from district 12.

Theme of the book: Throughout the whole novel the mokingjay really is a symbol of hope and Katniss accepting the offer of the mokingjay makes her the symbol of hope for all the districts who through her leaddership plan to win back the country and overthrow the capitol.

The primary conflict in the book is the war against the capitol and its resolved by a team of elite rebels going into the capitol, rescuing peeta and supposed to kill president snow in front of everyone to show they are the victors. There is a twist at the end and katniss shoots coin instead of snow.

Quotes: " What they want is for me to truly take on the role they designed for me. The symbol for revolution. The Mokingjay. Pg 10.

This quote contributes to the book because this is when she realized what her purpose in the revolution was.

No one is safe. Not in the capitol. Not in the districts. And you... in thirteen...dead by morning. pg 133

This quote is important because peeta is telling them that an attack is going to happen and the war has begun.

I personally would recommend this book to anyone because it is very entertaining and it could teach you some lessons. Three words to describe the book would be determination, hopefulness, and sorrow.



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