+ spaces to inspire

helix and ellipse art

+ past meets present

university district demographic study

+ the discarded reincarnated

current resident persona

helix resident persona

ellipse resident persona

+the past torn into the future


minimal sign impact - do we want to replace ellipse, helix, allows us to explore new logo treatment
  • 6 die cut door stickers
  • 1 or more a-frames
  • 1 exterior large building sign
  • ellipse exterior glass monument sign
  • helix exterior metal monument sign
  • one interior helix lightbox
+ the balance of opposites create evenness through contrast

helix = edgy + free thinking + outspoken + bold + past revitalization

ellipse = revolution + ground breaking + conception + connection + revel the present

+ the past

helix: past


ellipse: present

+ the present
past versus present: celebrate the what has been done and live for today
+ the balance of opposites

culture: the contrasting balance between past versus present creates a symbiotic relationship of equalization. we are about creating an environment that evokes the creative mind through revitalizing the past and celebrating the present moment. helix and ellipse is the contrasting balance between revitalization and invention.

  • timeline rundown
  • review deliverables
  • next milestone - design brief, logo design

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