Beaver by Deeno


It is spring, a beaver is making it’s new lodge and a dam. Watch out to when you're on the land cutting trees a coyote is going to eat you. If you want to learn more about beavers, read more under here.

What is a beaver

A beaver is a mammal.It is has a tail. Most of them live in North America and Eurasia. It has short brown fur. when they grow they will have more and more oil in themselves. Then, it will use the oil in there body to put it on themselves to be waterproof. They are land animal but people thinks they are land and water animal. Their tail is really flat they are ¾ of a inch if you see their tail it is going to be flat.

The life cycle

In spring beavers will make a lodge and mate. They will make babies. The beavers mother will lay two kits. When the kit is one day old, it can swim. The mother will feed milk for them for two weeks. A few weeks later, the beaver’s mother will go to take the kit out of the lodge, but the kit will stay close to it’s mother so that they will be safe. Two months later, the mother and the kit will go to the family food store and eat some small twigs. The kits first year they like to eat plants that are in water and also bark from tree branches.When they grow they will have more and more oil in themselves. Then, it will use the oil in there body to put it on themselves to be waterproof. In one year the kit can help their parent in fixing lodge and dam by using their strong teeth to cut through trees. When they are an adult , it will be up to 4 feet long and weigh over 60 pounds. When the kit is big they will go to another pond and then,everything starts all over again.

Beavers habitat

Beavers build lodge, a lodge is a house that beavers build, They will cut a tree first. Then Beavers use their front teeth to cut down trees. When they are almost there, they use the wind to get the tree down. (Some beavers get eaten by a coyote). Then the Beavers gather the wood and the mud and then make a lodge. They will make a whole for the beaver to breast fresh air. When they go in the lodge, they go underwater to enter. When they make a lodge, they make a dam. A dam is a thing that protects them from predators like a big wall and when they make a dam, it makes a pond for the beaver. The beavers make dam so the dry place can be more wet.

Beavers lifestyle

Before winter, beaver will gather food such as branches and plants close to the lodge because in winter there will be not really much food in the water. During winter,beavers huddle together to be warm inside their lodge. The beaver slaps its tail on the water when it sees, smells and hears prey. This signal tells other beavers that danger is close they will move in deep water or their to be safe. If they think they are in danger they will go away but if you surround them they might bite you I think that it will hurt a lot because they can cut a tree so be care full.

1.Lodge is a place where beavers live and raise the babies.

2.Dam is the big wall that blocks the water.

3.Kit is the baby beaver.

4.Food store is the place where they put food.

5.Twig is a kind of stick they eat.

6.Waterproof means if we touch water we won’t be wet.

7.Predator is the animal that eat other animal.

8.Chamber is the thing inside the lodge.


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