Even in a HOT market, you need Pro Photos. Here's why!

In a Hot market, most of us could take a picture of our thumb or a dog and place it on various listing sites. By the end of the day...You might already have 10 calls about the property. It's a seller's Market, you don't care to spend that extra cash on professional photos or staging since the property could be sold in 45 days or less...right?

Here's what you should really be considering!

You Owe Professional Photos to your seller.

You are trusted to market a home to the best of your ability.

Your Commission is based on the fact that you are marketing the home correctly with staging and photography that is going to attract the most attention, as a first choice property.

2. You want to grow your business

Names and referrals do a lot for you, but they only go so far. Leverage your marketing practices along with staging and great photos.

After all, people want top $ for their home and want it sold in as little time as possible. Exceed their expectations with some great listing photos that draw higher end buyers.

3. You want Top $ Offers to help your seller, but also your OWN Pocket.

Great looking real estate photos are far more likely to draw more buyers to your listings and bring the traffic to your open houses. Help trigger that bidding war!

4. Strengthen your credibility and your brand!

Keep your appearance as an agent on par, no matter what the market. When the market isn't so good, people are going to dig into your history and look at how you marketed other listings. All those old pictures linger on the internet, and you don't want to have sub-par work when you're competing as the next listing agent.

Those dog and thumb pics will come back to haunt you.

QUALITY VISUAL FIRST Impressions are huge to both buyer and seller alike.

Don't allow your listings to get skipped over and your brand to become second choice

Created By
Tom Simmons

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