A Sawtooth Recovery By Angie Bartlow

It was 2016 and I had a horrible concussion from a car accident and was out of work for a year. My brain would get over-stimulated and I couldn't go to stores, work, church, restaurants. My world became very small. The one thing I could do was be outside. I heard about the hike to Sawtooth Lake. I was de-conditioned, and very nervous but adventure was calling.

As I climbed the trail, many people passed me as I had to rest. But I didn't give up. It was hard and yet beautiful. When I reached the top and saw Sawtooth Lake I wept with joy. I made it!!!! I knew if I could do that hike I could recover from my concussion. The Sawtooths gave me confidence and reminded me of my strength.

It's a moment I will never forget and I'm thankful for. I'm fully recovered now and back to work as an oncology social worker. Thanks for reading.