When I Grow Up By Rebecca Starling

HOW TO REACH MY LONG TERM GOAL #1- I will visit theaters and join different plays and musicals all before I go to college.

|| My future job // Actor // Description ||

Actors are for entertainment. Actors can also be known as actresses (female actors). Different actors appear in:

  • Plays
  • Musicals
  • Television shows (with roles, no reality TV, gameshows or news of any sort)
  • Movies
  • Movies as the voices of animated characters


To be a actor, you need 'some' college. No diploma or degree is needed. The total length of years in college is 4-5. Training would help getting the position of a professional actor. There is no licenses needed, but taking drama classes and training would help, even though it is not a have-to. Experience would help too with this job, because you would need experience with acting.

HOW TO REACH MY LONG TERM GOAL #2- I will volunteer at children’s theater’s when I am old enough.

Qualities needed to be successful in acting

In order to succeed in being a professional actor, I discovered there were a lot of qualities or traits you need to have.

  • Bravery: You need to be brave to go on stage in front of a lot of people. The audience can judge you, so actors need to be brave enough to continue.
  • Dependability: Your director(s) need to count on you to have all of your lines memorized. If you're not in a TV show or a movie, there is no retakes. You can't make mistakes if you're in a play/musical, so you need to be dependable in that way.
  • Cooperation: If your director/script tells you to do something, you have to do it. Even if you have to step out of your comfort zone, you must cooperate with your director's instructions to keep the musical going along.
  • Effort: You have to make it look like you are acting. You cannot just zone out or answer normally, or it won't be entertaining. Just like any other job, you have to put in effort in every single line you do. No one wants a boring show, movie, play or musical.

Skills you need to be successful as an actor

  • Talking to others: You must communicate nicely with everyone. This will have an effect in the show too. You should help everyone be better at doing their job, but nicely.
  • Listening: If you are an actor, you will receive advice on what you should do better and all of that. You cannot improve if you do not listen to others and their concerns.
  • Good memorization: This is very big, especially in acting. You have to memorize your lines, because you're an actor. There is no retakes in musicals and plays, so you have to memorize your lines (every single one).
  • Noticing a problem and finding best way to solve it: An actor needs to know how to solve problems so they can improve or help others improve.
HOW TO REACH MY LONG TERM GOAL #3 - I will research actor opportunities on Broadway and talk to a director.

My long term goal

I will become an actor in musicals on Broadway and movies after I graduate college and complete classes for 6-7 years."

I will read articles that have to do with musicals and books about acting that would help me improve my skills.

Helpful video on acting advice

I chose this because this can help me become an actor in the future and anyone who wants to. It is a bunch of Tony nominees giving advice on how they are such amazing actors/actresses. Tony nominees are people who are act in Broadway plays/musicals that are good enough to be nominated for a Tony (an award for acting and singing in musicals).

I will find auditions for a Broadway and audition for the job after I complete training and drama classes.

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