The World of Phonies Haley ERcoli

I hate phony people. I hate people who don't do what they say they'll do for you. Even if it's something really small. Most people get crazy when you don't do something for them that you say you would, but when the tables turn, it's no lousy big deal. That's real lousy. I get so fed up over that sometimes it really depresses me. Take this one time I asked this old friend of mine to help me out. It was such a bother to them that they didn't get back to me for the entire damn day. It's funny in a way. You know I would do anything for my friends but this phony couldn't even take the time to help a pal out. This kinda reminds me of a different story from not too long ago. I had this group of friends that I met at softball. I never went to school with any of these phonies. They still found a way to let me down. It was in the summer, when it was hotter than hell, and we were all playing together. I got the impression that we were all pals and that we had a rock hard friendship. They blindsided me when they would never invite me to their stupid parties. I felt like an idiot and it depressed me for a while but I knew that they were just phonies and not worth my time. I'm not great friend but at least I'm not a good for nothing phony that can't be there for others.

The phony people that can't keep their word
Shoutout to my phony friends

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