Kindness Is Dangerous Sayer Hawn

"Hans Hubermann held his hand out and presented a piece of bread" (86)

As the Jewish Prisoners were marched through the town of Molching to their inevitable death in a concentration camp. One particular Jew fell to his knees from exhaustion. Hans reacted and from the kindness of his heart and attempted to give the man a piece of bread. Hans quickly regretted this act of kindness when he was approached by a Nazi Soldier and was made an example of what happens to people who love Jews. Hans and the Jewish man were whipped repeatedly. Not only was the physical beating Hans received dangerous, but Hans quickly realizes the mistake he has made and states "Oh my God, Liesel, what have I done?" Hans realized he has put his whole house in danger by raising suspicion of being a Jew lover. Now a new worry arises that his house will be raided by the Nazis and they will find Max who's hiding in their basement proving that kindness is dangerous.

Much like in the widely enjoyed film Star Wars: The Force Awakens we see where kindness is put to an abrupt stop and is challenged on the contrary. Han Solo, determined to rescue his son from the dark side, quickly experiences the ruthless backfire of his kind approach. When embracing his son he becomes entranced with the idea that his son has a ridden himself of the dark side, but is deceived when his own son kills him with a light saber. Thus proving that kindness is dangerous.

Thievery Is Rewarding

"The book thief had struck for the first time – the beginning of an illustrious career." (127)

Liesel's thievery is a form of defiance and a way for her to make herself feel different in a collapsing world. By stealing a book from a book burning, she defies Nazi censorship and takes her education into her own hands. When Ilsa offers Liesel a book, Liesel refuses it because she is mad at Ilsa for firing Liesel's foster mother Rosa. Later, Liesel breaks into Ilsa's home and steals the same book from IIsa's personal library, and continues stealing others as well. Ilsa realizes what Liesel is doing and finds it amusing; she "helps" Liesel steal from her library by leaving her window open and placing books in visible locations for her to steal. Ilsa is an encouraging figure who desires to help Liesel continue to read and further her education, even if it must be on Liesel's terms. Rudy and others steal food because they are hungry, and the throbbing pain in their stomachs get the best of them. Even if that means icing a side walk to make a delivery boy fall so they can loot the food off of him.

The Star Wars film (Rouge One) is a perfect example of thievery resolving in rewards. In the film the main character (Jyn Erso) proposes a plan to steal the Death Star schematics using the Rebel fleet but fails to get approval from the Alliance Council. Frustrated at their inaction, Jyn's group is supported by a small squad of Rebel volunteers intending on raiding the data bank themselves. In which the team successfully steals the plans to destroy the Death Star, but ultimately meet their demise when the planet they were on was destroyed by the Death Star. With their brave actions and master thievery they were rewarded with the spoils of war, by saving the galaxy and initiating the fall of the Imperial Fleet.

Words Are Powerful

"He talked to people and fooled them into liking him, trusting him." (Zusak 328)

This is a quote from one of the novels Liesel reads "The Whistler" that is about a man that befriends people and then murders them, like Hitler. The only difference is that Hitler befriended a whole country and fooled them into believing his intentions were good and that eliminating a whole population of people would be the only way to fix Germany. Even Hitler's hateful and cruel words, created power in the minds of those who were living in the slums of Germany.

An Emperor is nothing without the support of ground forces to enforce his will. And these troopers much like the Nazi soldiers must show their unquestionable loyalty to the cause and its leadership. In the Star Wars galaxy, that task falls to the Imperial storm troopers. Their notorious leader Darth Vader and the most hated leader of all time, Adolf Hitler shared similarity's in the way they created power. Hitler and Vader both fought for a more organized world because they felt those who were in power were unfit to rule. But Hitler had to be voted for by the people. In order to do this Hitler had to use his words to establish power among the people. Do to Hitlers cruel but satisfying words in the minds of the people, Hitler was able to gain power of Germany and rain terror upon the world.

Summative Theme "Words Are Powerful"


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