A Canary in A Coal Mine Maddie owen

Why is carbon monoxide found in pockets of coal?

Carbon Monoxide is in objects such as coal and when fire comes in contact with this the Carbon Monoxide can then release the poisonous chemicals. It has been here for millions of years but only is harmless when heated by certain materials in which they are found in. They are mostly found in poorly ventilated spaces and confined spaces which is why they are found in pockets of coal.

Where else might carbon monoxide be found in your environment?

Carbon Monoxide is found in many objects such as wood, coal, paper, and gasoline. The only way that Carbon Monoxide is released is when heat reaches these objects and then releases the gas of Carbon Monoxide. Some examples of these that can be found in the environment are burning a fire, car exhaust, coal mining and paper mills or industries.

What are risk factors for carbon monoxide poisoning?

Some risk factors for Carbon Monoxide poisoning are that unborn babies are more susceptible to harm because of the blood cell counts, and also young children breathe more often than adults which makes them more susceptible to the poisoning. Also older adults who get carbon monoxide poisoning or come in contact with Carbon Monoxide can be more likely to develop brain damage.

is there a possibility that you can come in contact with carbon monoxide during your day?

Yes there is a posibility that anyone can come in contact with Carbon Monoxide during the day. Many people drive a car or are around anyone who drives a car every single day. You car gives off exhaust which is Carbon Monoxide, therefor you are around it every day. Also you may burn a fire or have a fireplace, which gives off Carbon Monoxide which you could possibly come in contact with. Everyday you have the possibly to come in contact with it and you will never be able to totally get it out of your life.

what are some contemporary sources of this gas?

  • Cigarette Smoking
  • Car Exhaust
  • Gas Stations
  • Fires
  • Grilling
  • Appliances

what are health effects of carbon monoxide Poisoning?

Most health effects related to Carbon Monoxide poisoning are not that serious and just contain headaches, dizziness, nausea and vomiting. If your exposure to this gas increases, your heath effects when then increase. When your exposure increases you may become unconsious and could possibly die. When your exposure is moderate then you could experience long term illnesses and heart disease.

How would you protect yourself from carbon monoxide poisoning?

Many ways that you can protect yourself from Carbon Monoxide and many ways that I would try and prevent myself is to stay away from smokers and all smoking zones. I would also try to lessen how much we turn on the fire place and how often we have bonfires at our house. Also I would try and stay away from the car exhaust and try to run it as less as I can. Hopefully these things would decrease the Carbon Monoxide that I take in and help with how my lungs function.

What do you find as the most startling fact about carbon monoxide?

The most strartling fact about Carbon Monoxide that I found is that it is odorless. To you that might not seem interesting but when you think about it you would think that gases have a smell. When you think about all the sources that Carbon Monoxide come from they have a distinct smell that you would believe comes from the Carbon but it actually does not, which is very surprising to me.







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