Annual Photography Faculty Exhibition 16 October - 20 November 2020

Christine Giancola (Clockwise from top L): Charades; Chippendale meets Barbie; Warning Choking Hazard; Worst Case Scenario
Vincent Isner (Clockwise from top left): Blue Door, Al Fayoum, Egypt; Going for Water, Burkina Faso; Sudanese Shiekh; Tuareg Nomad; Wood Gatherers, Burkina Faso
Buddhaporn Srisupawat (Clockwise from left): Ideal Fashion, Ho Chi Minh City; Popculure everywhere, Ho Chi Minh City; Transition, Ho Chi Minh City
Francesco Arese Visconti: Out of the Comfort Zone: Covid-19 shutdown borders between Switzerland and France (L to R) 01_20200520_175010_46°22'18.6N 6°09'57.1E; 02_20200324_183915_46°18'41.7N 6°07'13.3E;  03_20200522_124217_46°16'29.1N 6°06'32.2E; 04_20200426_121555_46°17'12.8N 6°06'16.5E
Matthew Weber (Clockwise from top left): Blackberry Anthotype; Blueberry Anthotype; Raspberry Anthotype; Toned Cyanotype; Turmeric Anthotype
Bill Barrett: Sainte-Chapelle motion studies
Thomas Barkman: Street Food, New York City
Dan Dreyfus: Breeze
Robin Assner-Alvey: Motherhood
David Hanlon: From the series, The Lives of Houses
David Moore (Clockwise from top left): Anima, Capriccioso, Scherzo, Pizzicato
Dominique Macaire: Le Causse Méjean - rugged and remote, a desertic limestone plateau surrounded by scenic gorges in southern France.
Krista Rose Frohling
Erica Popp: From the series Ancestral Land