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Did you know there were perfectly rounded spheres found in mines around South Africa? The catch is the Klerksdorp Spheres were said to have roamed the planet 2.8 billion years ago. The spheres were said to have been used as a currency device billions of years ago, but according to history, our first currency-like contraption was around 15,000 BCE. If you would like to hear more of these very intriguing stories, grab your tea and relax as you read into the juice that your mind craves more of. There are many cases in which history can’t explain sciences discoveries, but I can help you get to the bottom of them.

Klerksdorp Spheres


There are many cases in which the creation of ancient artifacts have historians questioning their existence. The Baghdad battery was found in Baghdad, Iraq, around 1938. The Baghdad Battery was a clay jar with asphalt stoppers and iron rods that is assumed to have been made around 2,000 years ago, you may be wondering what does this have to do with anything. The thing about the Baghdad Battery was it could generate more than a volt of electricity! This is very interesting because according to BatteryUniversity.com the first ever battery was created around the 1800s. If history books are telling us ancient societies were lacking technology, we can definitely question the evidence.

Baghdad Battery

Another interesting one is the London hammer. The London hammer is a hammer that was stumbled upon by a civilian. Although it may seem like a regular hammer, this hammer was covered in 500,000 year old rock. The hammer was covered in 500,000 year old limestone and as they put it through a radiocarbon test it was dated up to 500,000 years old. Does this mean previous civilizations had more technology than we thought? The hammer was found in a geographical zone called the Edwards Plateau. If there were hammers dated back all the way til then, does that mean history books are wrong?

London Hammer

In the Temple of Hathor at Dendera,Egypt, there is a hieroglyphic that suggests there were light bulbs in ancient Egypt. There have been multiple models made that show working proof of the light bulb. The light bulb suggests higher technology than shown in history books. If there were light bulbs in ancient Egypt does that mean we should consider other prehistoric objects created sooner?

Ancient Light Bulb

In 1972, a French factory imported Uranium ore from Oklo, in Africa’s Gabon Republic. The Uranium had already been extracted and they found at the sight a functioned large-scale nuclear reactor. The nuclear reactor came to being around 1.8 billion years old, and was in operation for some 500,000 years. Dr. Glenn T. Seaborg, former head of the United States Atomic Energy Commission and Nobel Prize winner for his work in the synthesis of heavy elements, believes the nuclear reactor was not in any case natural, he believes the nuclear reactor was man made. Does this suggest there were beings with high technology before humans, or does this suggest we had much more technology before us humans even knew about as much as we do today?

Ancient Nuclear Reactor


There are also many cases in which science proves some of these OOPArts wrong and these are the ones I will help you get to the bottom of. The Coso Artifact is a 1920s spark plug found embedded in rock. The rock was on the surface of a ledge connected to a waterfall, the spark plug was found by a civilian and the civilian really questioned the stone. As the Coso Artifact went through many scientific tests it eventually was assumed by a scientist to be embedded in a very light layer and not taken long to form. The scientist also suggested the Coso Artifact since being found on the surface was accidentally misplaced and naturally taken into a limestone layer. Although the scientist was one of many, the scientist has accumulated many awards and is overall a very trusty source. Does this proving of artifacts suggest many others are just hoaxes, let's find out!

Coso Artifact

Iron pillar of Delhi is an astonishing pillar that really tests the accuracy of history's technology as we know it. The pillar is very steep and said to be rust proof and very sturdy. This is definitely interesting considering the fact the Iron pillar of Delhi was created around 1192. The thing that catches many historians off guard is its 98% wrought iron and rust free technology. The pillar has many historians scratching there head, but there are some scientists that can easily be disproved with these very facts. The pillar is 98% iron and although tricky, very possible. The other is where is the rust proof coming from as you look at the base and realize there is very much so rust at the base. Even though the tower stands tall and is very sturdy, don’t fool yourself and think our tech wasn’t good enough.

Iron Pillar of Delhi

The Inca stones are stones with ancient hieroglyphs on them from the Inca civilization. These stones are believed to be perfectly cut and put into question of the civilizations knowledge. The reason these stones can be cut so firmly even with the lack of technology is believed to be from a volcano causing the rock to be soft and easy to cut. Although the odds are slim many theorists believe this is indeed the reason for the perfectly cut hieroglyphics. The Inca civilization was indeed one of the most clever and intelligent and I would definitely give the Incas the possibility of making these phenomenal artifacts.

Inca Stones

The Baigong pipes are many pipes that were found right around Mount Baigong. The pipes definitely question recent civilizations technology. The Baigong pipes are many pipes that suggest higher technology in previous time periods. The only problem is that many studies have shown that the pipes in fact could’ve just as easily been made from natural fossilization. Fossilization happens very often and wouldn’t be a surprise to have happened in this case as well as many others. Does this suggest previous civilizations were already “high tech” and using pipes to transport? Or is this another hoax that occurred from natural fossilization.


My personal opinion on most OOPArts is that many are real, but there are a few that push limits. I wish we could pursue more researchers into this field before it's too late, as we speak right now there are countless files and databases being deleted and resulting in many people not ever getting to hear the proof. If we never get to hear the truth now, while it's out there, then we might not ever get the chance to believe it when we think of it.

The Genetic Disk is a disk that could rewrite our history and origins. The disk was discovered in Colombia by a professor by the name of Jamie Gutierrez. It's said to be 6,000 years old and is said to have been created by an unknown high-tech civilization or extra-terrestrial beings. The disk not alone questions you on how they made it, but the disk itself can only be seen with a microscopic tool. The relic suggests our known to human genetics may not be fully accurate.The artifact is hard to read and understand but it does have certain points accurate, such as the male and female reproductive systems. The disc could be way off and just flat out whacko, but even if it were off how did they have the technology at the time to even make the disc? Does this suggest higher technologically advanced civilizations before us?

Genetic Disck

The Quimbaya Artifacts are several dozen gold objects found in Colombia, made by the Quimbaya civilization. The artifact itself represents a model of an airplane. The artifact creates drama with the fact of it being 3,000 years old. The artifact would prove that the airplane could’ve been made sooner, or the model was already out there and never created. I personally think the artifact is a smaller model of an airplane that actually flew at the time of 1,000 CE. This would prove, the fact of, our knowledge of previous civilizations being completely off.

Quimbaya Artifact

The Pliocene Epoch find is a human like figurine that looks a lot like a model of a human. The figurine was made around 2 million years ago before the human race was even formed! The model was a female form and it was about an inch and a half long.The model gives many chills with the fact of a previous race roaming earth before us humans. This artifact suggests an extraterrestrial race could’ve perhaps started our now known human race.

Pliocene Epoch

There are many cases in which history can’t explain sciences discoveries, and that is why I helped you get to the bottom of them. This information can help you look at everything you ever had in life with a second opinion. With this information you can inform your fellow members of society and explain to them the lesson you have learned. This information can help you understand the ethics and lesson meant to learn as you live on in life. The information given to you is very much so special, and that's why you should tell it all around, because in the big picture, what's the truth!

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