3D design

Trying to make something and figuring out how to use 3D design app.Watching videos on how the app works.Also getting the dimensions of the figure I'm trying build.

Starting to to make the 3D design and also trying to use the app.Finished the final sketch of the design that going to make.

Looking at a website about how to design a fidget spinner.Was working the 3D design too.

Something new

Working on something new and adding something to the vehicle making it more better.

Reading to print this out and wanna print this out tomorrow.Just adding details to the rover 242.Making my own design remodeling it.

I'm trying to accomplish my reflection for pathway 1.Im planning to go to my pathway 2 and finish my reflection.

I'm finishing my slides for my pathways.Im planning to show it and get a grade for it

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