Symi Island, Greece A day trip to symi

Symi Island

We had planned on taking the express ferry to Symi Island, which meant leaving early and skipping most of our yummy breakfast, but upon booking, we took the option of the slower ferry, which not only left an hour later, ensuring we still got to enjoy our breakfast, but it also took an extra stop at the very small port of Panormitis, on the opposite side to the main port and town on Symi.

This first stop only gave us an hour of sightseeing and we were also told that it had a great little bakery. So we were going to have to hit the port hard to fit everything in... Well as it turned out, we covered the sightseeing activity in less that 10min, such a very very small town and the bakery had already sold out due to a smaller ferry arriving ahead of ours. I suppose it was no different to arriving on a cruise ship with all the passengers swarming like ants and devouring everything in its path (Just on a smaller scale).

The arrival into Symi was spectacular. We were treated with the view of a very very pretty port and town, with colourful houses all jumbled together sprawling up the mountainous terrain. This time we found a well stocked bakery with lots of naughty delights in one of the backstreets of Symi, so thought it justified to partake of some yummy morsels as compensation for the earlier disappointment.

Most of the day was spent exploring the township and climbing up through the main streets where one was rewarded with spectacular views over the town and port. A pit stop for a homemade energy juice at a little cafe kept us going and gave us a break with views from the courtyard. The cafe was run by an English lady who had lived there for 18 years with her children attending the local schools. Apparently they complain as to why they have to live in one of the smallest places on earth! But she says it hasn’t done them any harm. It was then back to the ferry for the slow boat trip home to Rhodes.

Our Ferry for the day


Arriving into port at Panormitis


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