Wheel Pad: Mi PAD Another way to live at home with Wheel Pad!

Wheel Pad's mission is to provide housing for people with mobility issues in a respectful and supportive manner, while building a socially-conscious and environmentally-friendly company.

Each Mi PAD (Personal Accessible Dwelling) is a fully functional studio apartment for people with mobility challenges. It is a fully designed accessible studio, complete with a kitchenette, sleeping area, and bathroom exceeding ADA requirements.

It has everything a someone needs to live independently:

including an accessible kitchen;

and fully accessible bathroom.

Mi PAD's Dimensions

Mi PAD's Unique Specifications

Each Mi PAD has a ceiling lift track to facilitate movement from the bedroom...

...directly to the bathroom.

The bathroom is a full wet room with universal accessibility features exceeding ADA standards.

There is ample space for an aide when personal care assistance is needed.

Without tooting our own horn too much...

we've won awards for aesthetics as well as functionality and technical excellence: "Wheel Pad offerings stand out not just because they solve so many problems for people with mobility challenges, but it's also just a cozy space I want to be in. Too often designers of mobility equipment just focus on the former." World Architecture News!


All Wheel Pad models are built offsite, and installed quickly.

We assist your contractor in pulling building permits, and during the installation process.

We take care of the process from soup to nuts. Our expertise is building beautiful and functional spaces for people with mobility challenges. Working with Wheel Pad allows you to keep your focus on your family!


Mi PAD pricing depends on installation. Please call us at (802) 458-7194 to discuss your project.

Buyback Commitment

Each Mi PAD is built on wheels for a reason: Flexibility. If you decide you no longer want it, we commit to purchasing it back, so it can serve the next family in need.

Wheel Pad:

Speed - Flexibility - Mobility

Wheel Pad looks forward to working with you to deliver the product that works best for your family.

Questions? Please contact RJ Adler at rj@wheelpad.com or (802)458-7194

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