Nowhere to Run By: Arlette Garcia

There had been warnings in Starland all throughout the month that a big, blue monster was on the loose looking for prey. However, Steve, Lambi, and Eli believed that it was simply just a harmless prank meant to scare people into staying indoors. They were deeply mistaken. Not long after they were out, they began to feel a strange presence behind them. Could it really be the dreaded Snorlax?

Unfortunately, Eli fell behind after spraining his ankle and came into the reach of Snorlax. In a matter of seconds, he disappeared within the monster's stomach. Lambi and Steve could not do anything for their friend and ran through the Starland Jungle, hoping to lose Snorlax in the tall plants, but to no use since they were all too tall.

Sadly, Snorlax was too fast for the two friends to get away in time. Lambi, shedding a tear, said goodbye to Steve. Before Steve had a chance to say anything, Lambi sacrificed herself to the big, blue beast, hoping that it would give Steve enough time to escape. Just as Steve was about to leave, he looked around the corner one last time at his fallen friend. Snorlax's evil grin was to be burned into his mind forever.

It was no use running since Snorlax would eventually catch up. His evil grin tormented Steve since he saw it twice as his two best friends were devoured. He sobbed silently and fearfully rose his hands into the air before surrendering to the wicked beast. Steve knew that he would soon be united with his two friends. Snorlax giggled ominously since his cravings would soon be satisfied.

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