City of Covington Weekly Report Week Ending January 3, 2020

Second Quarter (2019-2020 FY) New Hires, Promotions and Transfers...welcome to our new members of the City of Covington family and congratulations to our existing members!

2019 Employee Christmas Lunch

Pictures from the 2019 Employee Christmas Lunch

The Annual Employee Christmas Lunch was held on Thursday, December 5, 2019 at Legion Field and catered by Bradley's Bar-B-Que. The employees received a throw blanket emblazoned with the City logo. City Manager (Retired) Leigh Anne Knight read a "citified" version of Twas' the Night Before Christmas and thanked everyone for their hard work throughout 2019. Special thanks to Jackie Dial, Human Resources Specialist, for organizing the annual event and to everyone who helped decorate and clean up.

December 9, 2019 City Council Meeting

The final City of Covington Council meeting of 2019 was replete with goodbyes, administering of oaths and well wishes for years to come.

During the final City Council meeting of 2019, we said our goodbyes to faithful servants of our community and welcomed three new members to the City of Covington family. Mike Whatley, Josh McKelvey and Mayor Ronnie Johnston's tenure with the city conclude at the end of 2019. The Honorable Judge Horace Johnson, Jr. administered the oath of office to incumbent Kenneth Morgan and newly elected council members Fleeta Baggett and Don Floyd. Judge Johnson also swore in Covington's newly elected mayor, Steve Horton.


  • Completed minutes from 12/9 Council meeting
  • Assisted with numerous sanitation and recycling calls
  • Assisted with numerous yard debris calls
  • Assisted with numerous customer service calls with regards to water leaks, changing name on account due to spouse being deceased and assisting customer with sanitation discount
  • Sent out updated Mayor and Council information and letterhead
  • Sent out email to council regarding Scoops remodel for council consensus
  • Assisted customer in trying to locate Fears Family Cemetery
  • Completed one open records request (ORR) wanting information on 9120 Inglewood Pkwy.
  • Answered Fireworks questions from City website
  • Compiled January 6, 2020 Agenda

Fuel Sales 12/28/2019- 01/02/2020

  • AvGas Self Service: 405 gallons
  • JetA Self Service: 150 gallons
  • AvGas Full Service: 75 gallons
  • JetA Full Service: 150 gallons

December 2019 Fuel Sales

  • AvGas Self Service: 3220 gallons
  • JetA Self Service: 782 gallons
  • AvGas Full Service: 1152 gallons
  • JetA Full Service 3740 gallons


  • The MALSR approach lighting system (pictured) and taxiway light rehabilitation project contract completion date is scheduled for January 14, 2020. That target is dependent on inclement weather and material lead times. Total spent as of 01/03/2020 is $873,064.44 of the $1,558,158.50 contract amount.
  • The Gas Department is preparing to run a gas line from Airport Court, up East Richardson to the North West side of the Airport to provide gas service to two commercial airport tenants (Standridge Color and Southern Air Group).
Airport pictures from recent projects (L-R): MALSR electrical vault; newly installed taxiway lights; and new wind cone and segmented circle
  • Two after hours emergency calls.
  • Three above ground leak repairs completed.
  • One unlock and inspection completed.
  • Five check meter reports completed.
  • Contractor made a repair to a main damaged during road construction on Hwy 278 (see photo of repair). Required installation of a steel weld-over and coating replacement.
Repair to a natural gas main damaged during road construction on Hwy 278

Events for upcoming week: Safety Committee Meeting at 9:00 a.m. on January 7, 2020 in Conference Room (Court Services Building)

WELCOME TO OUR NEW EMPLOYEES (L-R): City Council Member Don Floyd; City Council Member Fleeta Baggett; and Mayor Steve Horton

Job Openings

  1. (1) Customer Service Representative – Not Posted
  2. (1) Police Officer – Continuously Posted
  3. (1) 911 Communications Team Leader – Closed, Scheduling Interviews, 3 potential candidates
  4. (6) 911 Communications Tech – Continuously Posted
  5. (1) Senior Engineering Tech – Position is frozen
  6. (1) Electric Line Worker – Posted – 1 potential candidate
  7. (1) Planner – Interviews Completed and final project assigned

Ongoing Human Resource Implementations & Annual Processes

  • Defined Contribution Rollover 457/401A to Voya
  • Defined Benefit Retirement Administration Portal (Foster & Foster)
  • Defined Benefit Plan – installing Investment Advisers – Southeastern Advisory Services
  • Beginning the 2020-21 Insurance renewal process – Relations
  • Preparing for the 2019 Employee Performance Evaluations
  • Onboarding & Terminating of new & old employees

COURT SERVICES: 12/23/19 - 12/27/19

  • No Court was held the last week of December due to the holidays
  • (95) Citations processed and filed
  • $6,394.00 in fines/fees collected
  • (5) Warrants processed and entered on GCIC
  • (15) Warrants dismissed and removed from GCIC
  • (14) Open records requests completed


  • The finished complete audit report from our auditors, Mauldin & Jenkins, was received and there were zero audit findings.
  • This week the accounting department issued (18) accounts payable checks.
  • The department submitted the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) to the Government Finance Officers Association for consideration of the Award for Excellence in Financial Reporting for the fiscal year end June 30, 2019.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: Week Ending 12/27/19


• Finished the relocation of fiber connection from Carlton Trail (E911) to new location at Station 22/E911.

• Fiber connection for the new police station on Harland Drive in progress.



  1. Cut doorway into block wall leading into HR hallway and cased in the opening
  2. Replaced blown bulbs in hallways at city hall
  3. Rebuilt Sloan valve in men’s room by warehouse
  4. Repaired thermostat in court services
  5. Repaired sheetrock in new hallway where wall was cut out
  6. Installed smart board in conference room
  7. Hung TV up in lobby area of Mayor's office
  8. Repaired valve in Ladies room by warehouse
  9. Met with Loyd's Glass about removing leaded glass windows from the old court room. Note that some of the glass is already cracked and one section is about to fall out.
  10. Removed carpet from new hallway


PURCHASING: 12/23/19 - 12/31/19

Other : GovDeals – Currently (14) scrap vehicles have been sent to auction to be sold. Auction closes on January 3rd, 2020.

  • Received a new 60’ bucket truck (ordered in Nov 2018)
  • Installed 5 new single phase services
  • Completed 4 street lighting orders
  • Completed 5 security lighting orders
  • Completed 16 trouble calls
  • Continued the Nisshinbo infrastructure upgrade
  • Completed the Nisshinbo electrical tie-in
  • Replaced a 2000 kVA transformer at General Mills and installed a 2500 kVA transformer
  • Continued the Covington Town Center infrastructure installation
  • Continued the Clarks Grove phase 2 infrastructure installation (installed additional street lighting)

• Created and disseminated standardized email signature

• Started annual update of city-wide Strategic Plan

• Legion Field: Confirmed private rental of Legion Field (August) and Currently 17 planned events for the year

• Facebook: 1.7k people have engaged with the city’s posts from December 27 to January 2.

Statistics for the City's website, cityofcovington.org, for the past week.

• Website: 2k visitors over the last seven days to www.cityofcovington.org

In December 2019, the CPD held their annual Shop With A Cop at Wal-Mart on Industrial Boulevard. The Shop With A Cop program is sponsored by the Police Who Care and partners foster children with police officers to go shopping and visit with Santa at Christmastime.


  • Recruiting efforts underway to encourage new officers to join POAB.
  • Interviews are being set up to fill the open position in patrol. Currently one employee short. The next academy starts March 30, 2020
  • Two officers currently in the FTO program, Officer Hutchinson and Officer C. Smith.


  • Patrol officers worked a case in which a woman flagged down an officer on Emory Street. She had been tied up by her ex-boyfriend with duct tape on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning and held against her will. Officers responded, along with criminal investigations, and after interviewing the victim, the male was apprehended. They also arrested three additional more males at the house, which contained various drugs.
  • The decision was recently made to have 4 of the younger officers station their vehicles so we have more vehicles available. The decision was made because two vehicles are inoperable and some of the pool cars are down as well. The four officers still drive their vehicles when on duty, but when they are off, the department has access to these four vehicles. When other vehicles in the fleet go down for service or have mechanical issues, these cars will be available substitutes. This system will be monitored until new vehicles arrive.
  • Sgt. Allan Seebaran along with CPD's Chaplain Russel Graves and his church fed 21 families on Christmas day and gave Christmas gifts to 54 kids. They were supported by the Rotary Club, Leadership Newton County and the Police Who Care.


  • Several entering auto events occurred over the last couple nights in the Settlers Grove area. Currently working leads and should be identifying the suspects in the next few days.
  • CID staff are eager about the move to the new building and designing the Police Who Care room.


The new CPD building is on track with LVT flooring installed, generator installed and carpet to be installed the week of January 6. Still four to six weeks until projected move of finished products such as lockers, evidence lockers, cubicles, etc. Furniture is being built to order and installed.


Breakdown by Major Incident Types for Zone(s): 1 - Station 21 and 2 - Station 22

Start Date: 12/22/2019 | End Date: 12/28/2019

Click image to enlarge
Click image to enlarge
B Shift Training including Covington firefighters Evan McAvoy, Wes Brooks, Terry Nabors, Brett Madsen and Wes Daniel.

Incident Statistics

Start Date: 12/22/2019 | End Date: 12/28/2019

Click image to enlarge
covington-newton 911

Total Agency Calls Generated: 2991

Total Law Calls Generated: 1747

Total Fire Calls Generated: 944

Total EMS Calls Generated: 272

Picture on Left: Annual Awards including (L-R) Rookie of the Year Kei'Ana Sims; Dispatcher of the Year Amanda Cummings; and Employee of the Year Trudy Henry. Picture on the Right: 911 Community Involvement - Employees from the 911 Center made a monetary donation and donated wrapping supplies for the Alcovy CASA, Inc. Holiday Help Project.

On October 3, 2019, the 911 Center relocated to 11234 Alcovy Road.

Public Works Project Status Update January 2020

Ribbon cutting ceremony for GDOT Project / Utility Relocation: Flat Shoal Road / Covington Bypass
Summary of remaining schedule for Pace Street Diet

Miscellaneous Drainage Projects

  • Kirk Street Drainage project: The plan is under review.
  • Bohannon Street Drainage Project: This project was completed on December 9.
  • Ellen Court Street Sinkhole
  • Carr Circle (8252) Drainage Project
  • Carr Circle Drainage Project: Phase 2
  • Glover Street Drainage Project: We will meet with properties owners the week of January 6 to obtain permission to connect the pipe draining Ginn Street to a junction box. The street department crew will perform the work.
  • Indian Creek Circle: 6168 & 6167
  • Lakeview Drive Drainage Project: A plan has been developed but Peach State will need to pour a driveway once the pipe has been installed by the street department. This contractor should be available the week of 1/6.

Miscellaneous Transportation Projects (non SPLOST)

  • Alcovy Surveying and Engineering completed the Puckett Street sidewalk design and easements are being acquired. An easement acquisition summary is provided below. The sidewalk will extend from Collier Street to Laseter Street approximately 1,135 feet.
  1. Began putting easements together 1/22/19.
  2. Dropped off cards on mail boxes 3/18/19, had a few home owners contact us.
  3. Went out again and drop off additional cards and made contact with owners on 4/2/19.
  4. Around the first of May, we had received only six out fourteen easements 4/10/19.
  5. Tracked easements for home owners that didn’t live in the state on 4/19/19.
  6. Had a change on some of the easements. Went back to those home owners with new easements 5/7/19.
  7. Councilman Anthony Henderson helped get two additional easements and made contact with others on 5/31/19.
  8. On 10/24/19, we had a staff meeting and decided to try again, so I talked to Mr. Greg Shy on 10/31/19 and he said he would help get the others.
  9. Engineering met with Mr. Shy on 11/05/19 and gave him the easements . At this time, he has made contact with a couple of the home owners and hopes to have an answer around 11/18/19.
  10. Engineering sent out letters and dropped cards off on 11/01/19. No responses as of 11/14/19.
  11. On 12/27, another easement was submitted. Three out of fourteen remain.
  • Transportation Manager is evaluating Elm Street to determine the best location and length of sidewalk for this area and will coordinate with Peach State.
  • Restripe Floyd Street Bike Path: This is included in the LMIG SAP application which was submitted to GDOT on 4/1. This project will be completed in March 2020.
  • Conyers Street Bike Path: This is included in the LMIG SAP application which was submitted to GDOT on 4/1. This project will be completed in March 2020.
  • Hospital Drive Parking Space Removal: Construction is complete and curb will be poured to prevent parking.
Streets approved for the LMIG list

Public Works Administration

Digital Archiving: The large stamp plan cover sheets need to be scanned and we are coordinating the work with MCCI.

Annual Contract Services: RFPs are being completed for professional and construction services.

Solid Waste Vehicle Listing on GovDeals from January 2020 - April 2020: We currently have 14 vehicles listed for auction on GovDeals that will close on January 3, 2020.

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