Palmyra Players Presents Thoroughly Modern Millie

It's been four years since the Palmyra Players were rebooted. Last year the group performed The Music Man the first full musical at Palmyra High School in many years. In 2017 the group stepped up to an even more intensive production. Thoroughly Modern Millie includes strong elements of Tap, intricate costume needs, and many set pieces.

Welcome To A World

The opening scene intrdoduces the Roaring 20's setting.
Modern Women living in The Hotel Priscilla.
The sub-plot is "subtly" introduced. Sadly, Ethel Peas is never heard from again.

Meet The Protagonists

Jimmy Smith

A penniless drifter and eventual love interest for Millie. But who is he really?

Millie Dillmount

A young woman from Kansas who believes she knows what she wants out of life and won't let anything get in her way. Of course, everything gets in her way.

Dorothy Brown

A young woman of wealth who wants to know of "the other half" lives. Millie is all too happy to show her, and the two become friends.

Star-Crossed love

Both Jimmy and Millie are idealists, of sorts. It makes the possibility of a future for the pair a bit of a stretch.

Millie and Jimmy's story is the main arc of the show.

Trevor Graydon III

A wealthy business man and focal point of Millie's plans for the future.

You know he's rich because he plays golf.

Miss Flannery

Graydon's assistant, who is unimpressed by "moderns." She becomes Millie's friend in the end.

Meet the Antagonists

Mrs. Meers

The villain, Mrs. Meers, is actually involved in... human trafficking?? This is a wonderfully odd show.

Ethel Peas "checks out," courtesy of Ms.Meers.

Ching Ho

An unwilling henchmen of Mrs. Meers. He's got a good heart, but is caught in a bad situation.

Bun Foo

A slightly more willing henchwoman of Mrs. Meers. While she's not happy with her situation she feels she needs her abusive patron.

Meeting In The Middle

Millie explores themes of classism and cultural assumptions.

A New “Old Dilemma”

While Millie hightlights some of the cultural shifts regarding women which became a wide movement in the 20's, it still centers around affairs of the heart. Millie's modernity regarding marriage and relationships is juxtaposed against the older tropes of love and life.

Millie finds her unexpected turn towards romance both exciting and frustrating.

Jimmy seems to be a man on a mission, for most of the play that mission appears to be himself.

The Roaring Scenery

The backdrop of Millie's journey truly roars. The fantastic costumes and strong choreography bring the world of 1920's New York alive on the stage.

The Underside

Mrs. Meers' greed also serves as a back drop to the era, exploring the dark side of the glamour.

Love Wins

Of course Love wins over glamor and greed. It's a musical!
Great job Players!

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