Prop B Construction Timeline Brentwood School District

April 2018

The Brentwood Community supports Proposition B, a bond issue designed to provide important updates to Brentwood Middle and High Schools in the areas of:

  • Safety & Security
  • Accessibility
  • Classroom Learning

March 2019

Construction companies were interviewed and the bid was awarded to K&S Associates, a St. Louis based construction company with experience working on complex school construction sites.

Conceptual Renderings

To help imagine the future space, Ittner Architects put together several conceptual renderings to provide an idea of what the finished projects will look like upon completion sometime in late Summer or early Fall 2020.

Renderings include concepts of a new, secure building entrance; student commons and library areas; and new gym.

Preliminary Renderings

Breaking Ground

June 2019

On Saturday, June 1st, members of the Brentwood School District community gathered for an official Groundbreaking Ceremony to mark the start of construction on the Middle and High School projects.

Brentwood students officially mark the start of construction!

This marks the start of major renovations to the campus that will include new safety features, new science labs, new commons/library space, and more. Students, parents, and administrators attended the ceremony, along with the Brentwood Alumni Association, members of the Board of Education, and the Mayor. “This is the result of the community coming together,” said Board of Education Vice President Jamie Allen. “We want to sincerely thank you all for supporting this district and our students.”

Major Renovations

June - July 2019

In order to cause as little disruption as possible during the school year, summer 2019 was utilized to begin major construction initiatives in parts of the building such as the library, cafeteria and gym.

This allowed some of the most invasive parts of the projects to be completed before students arrived in August.

Temporary Library

August 2019

Affectionately labeled "Basket-brary" by Librarian Libby Wilson, the temporary home for the MS/HS library for the 2019-2020 school year was fully assembled by August 2019. The space provides a quiet atmosphere with all the usual library amenities, including bookshelves, worktables, and computer lab.

Students enjoying their temporary library!

Traffic and Parking

August 2019

With construction impacting parking spaces, staff and the community were provided an update on what to expect with parking. Staff were provided with parking options near campus by utilizing space near McGrath Elementary - just a short walk from the MS/HS Campus.

Additionally, letters were sent to the homes around the construction area to provide a detailed update an plan related to traffic in the area.

Accessibility and Landscaping

The primary reason behind the changes to the front lawn and parking area is to make our building ADA accessible. The front entrance and parking lot were not accessible prior to construction. Once construction is complete, Brentwood High School will have an accessible entrance as well as accessible parking to allow our students, families, and community members equal access in our building.

In addition to accessibility, the changes to the front lawn will allow us to ensure the new entryways meet modern safety and security standards.

New secure main entrance

Once construction is complete, we will actually have more green space than we did previously. While we were not able to save every mature tree, the project will result in more green space for our students and community and more landscaping than is currently in place.

Conceptual rendering of new entrance with landscaping.

New Cafeteria

August 2019

The new cafeteria space welcomed students in the first week of school, returning to full service by the second week.

In addition to providing a more comfortable place for students, the new cafeteria itself has several new upgrades, including:

  • New station line up that includes a deli bar (opening soon) offering custom sandwiches and a floating salad bar where fruit and veggie sides are offered.
  • The fruit and veggie cold bar provides many additional benefits, including a reduction in plastic waste by not individually cupping all fruits and vegetables while also providing a much cleaner and more pleasing look to our fruit and vegetable options. Students are already taking vegetables more frequently than in the past. Greater acceptance of food items reduces food waste/carbon footprint and saves the district money.
  • The new deli bar includes an oven that will allow for toasted sandwiches. This feature will be available once the deli line is established.
  • New open concept serving lines allow students to move around freely to view offerings at various stations instead of getting stuck in one line without seeing other options.
  • All of our grilled sandwiches are now pre-assembled, wrapped, and self serve. This will make line flow at one of our most popular stations significantly faster.
Before (left) and after (right) of cafeteria serving space.
Views of the new cafeteria.

Additional Parking

Anticipated Late September 2019

As construction moves throughout the campus, additional parking spaces along High School Drive at White Avenue are anticipated to open by the end of September 2019.


Anticipated Completion: Late October/November 2019

One of the priorities for Fall 2019 is completion of the gymnasium. As soon as floors are installed and sealed, students will have access to this space for practices and PE classes.

To finalize the gym, new bleachers, signage, locker rooms, and scoreboards will be installed.

Finally, new locker rooms and the mezzanine should be completed shortly after the gym is finalized - sometime in Late October or Early November 2019.

UPDATE: Due to delays with delivery of the gym flooring and bleachers, the entire gym space will be ready for the public later in November. Arrangements have been made for PE classes and student athletes. The gym should be ready in time for competition season later this year.

Band Room

Anticipated Completion: Late October 2019

The band room may be completed for student use by the end of October, pending installation of acoustic paneling.

UPDATE: Band Room has reopened for students as of 10/14/2019! Finishing touches are still being put into place, but students are utilizing the room and enjoying the new open concept!

Excavation Complete

Anticipated November 2019

While construction will still be taking place, the major excavation for the new commons/library space will be complete in Fall 2019.

Rendering of future commons area where current excavation is taking place.

Restrooms in Building C

Anticipated Completion: January 2020

Depending on several factors, we hope to have the building c restrooms open and fully operational by the start of second semester in January 2020.

Classroom Spaces

Anticipated: 2019-2020

One of the major components to the construction at the Middle and High School will be upgraded classroom and learning spaces for students. In addition to providing much needed updates to make classes more comfortable for students and staff, the construction will create new science labs. These lab spaces will allow students to face the rigor of science education with the tools and support they need in order to be successful.

Commons & Library

Anticipated Summer 2020

A completely new commons and library space will provide students with ample room to study, meet for clubs, and collaborate on projects. Additionally, the space will be available to the community for use after-school hours for meeting rooms or community events.

Conceptual Rendering of Commons Area

Construction Complete

Anticipated August 2020

Conceptual rendering of new building entrance

By August 2020, the entire building should be complete and open. While there may be minor tweaks for staff as they move back into their classrooms and as students settle in, the start of the 2020-2021 school year in August should welcome students and families into a space designed to provide a safe, comfortable learning environment for all.

Rendering of building exterior with new entrance.
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