Technology in My Everyday Life jacob morris

When in school, I often have to consult the clock when getting to class. The numerous clocks in school always alert me when I'm running late, and encourages me when the end of the day is near.
In all of the classrooms and hallways at OCHS, we have flat screen TV's to communicate messages to the students. Messages can alert students and teachers of bus changes, start times for sporting events, and announcements for various student run organizations.
My 2007 Toyota Camry, Jessica, acts as my chariot that takes me to and from school every day. Equipped with a digital clock, air conditioning, a radio, Bluetooth, and a digital thermostat, my car is full of digital technology that I interact with every day.
Like just about every other teenager, I own and am glued to my cell phone. On my phone, I can do anything from surf the web to text my friends to check the scores of sporting events. My smartphone is a prime example of digital technology and it heavily influences my daily life.
When taking this class, I sign into my UVA Collab account and access assignments on my desktop computer in my school library. A computer is an integral part of completing various school assignments, including all of those in this class and many others.
Before I leave for school and after I get home, I always look in my refrigerator for fuel to start my day and for fuel to recover after a long day. My fridge not only keeps my food cold and preserved with a digital temperature control system, but it also turns on a light whenever the door is opened and alerts the user when the door has been open too long.

The digital technology I use on a daily basis greatly impacts my life. Whether it be using technology at school (where I spend most of my time) or at home, digital technology is all around me. I rely on many many artifacts of digital technology to carry on every day and without it, I wouldn't function the same way.

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