Elvira's shows what a quick bite to eat really means By: Jake Navarro ’20

Walking into Elvira's, I noticed that it was part convenience store part restaurant. Located on the beach, Elvira's offers breakfast food to household goods.

While I was approaching Elvira's, I noticed that there is only seating outside. When I walked in I noticed it was split into two different sides. On one side there was a large counter with pre-made sandwiches and a salad bar. On the other side, it had a variety of different drinks and household goods.

Photos taken by Jake Navarro '20

While I was in line, I looked up to read the menu noticing that they can make breakfast through dinner foods. I decided to pick two very different dishes. For the first dish, I ordered a classic bacon, egg, and cheese with hot sauce and the second was a greek pizza.

Photos taken by Jake Navarro '20

As I received my food, I peeled off the wrapper and noticed that there was loads of egg in between a hard roll. As I lifted up the roll to put on the hot sauce, I saw the bacon was undercooked. Instead of the well-done bacon that I ordered, it came out soft and flimsy. On the other side, the egg was scrambled just as I asked for it. Even though the bacon was undercooked, the cheese melted perfectly making it seem as if it was only one food.

Photos taken by Jake Navarro '20

For my second dish, I ordered a salad pizza, with a greek spin on it. On top of the pizza was a salad made up of feta, tomato, olive and their house made a greek salad. The salad was really good due to all the different flavors mixing together. Also, the pizza was thin crust which is my favorite.

Photos taken by Jake Navarro '20

My trip to Elvira's made for a great weekday dinner. I was easily able to order and take my food on the go. The pricing was pretty cheap for two different dishes. For a pizza and bacon egg and cheese, it only costed a total of $12.25. With all the factors included, I would give my trip to Elvira’s a 7.2 out of 10 due to the fact that my bacon was undercooked, otherwise, my trip was very quick and easy.

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