NIKE Social Media Campaign

The main ways we are going to carry out this campaign are:

1) mashup:

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But if words are used correctly, they can prove to be extremely effective. Therefore, the best way to advertise is to mix up more than one form of communication rather than focusing on just one. This also holds true for the way that the company plans to transmit those advertisements. By mixing more than one advertisement type Nike can give the full image of the product and in a clearer way. This would make the decision for the customers buying the products easier since they now know more about the product and would feel safer buying it. Nike can for example hold events and campaigns that promotes their products and in those events, they can have podcasts having interviews with customers and people would start online communities to talk about the events and even blogging about the products. This is an effective way of combining more than one advertisement technique and will enable Nike to reach a larger customer base much more effectively.

2) Podcasts:

Nike can use podcasts to their advantage by showing the people what their product is all about. Nike have done this before by making a podcast with basketball legend Kobe Bryant. When he talked about a special line of shoes for him made by Nike. This certain image in the minds of the people who are going to see this podcast. Because when they see Kobe they will feel a certain connection to the player if they buy those shoes, and they would also believe that those shoes have more quality than a regular Nike shoe. Nike could improve on this mental aspect of adding intangible value by having several podcasts of them doing interviews with different athletes, from all major sports, and ask them what they think about the shoes. This way all sports fans would feel that since those famous people praised the brand on the podcast that it must be of a very high quality.

Picture of the podcast recording event.

3) Online Comunities and Forum's

We are going to use the online communities to support our customer and boost the sales of our main product which is sport wear. Creating online platforms that track your activity and give you many facilities, such as personalized diet plan and many more options for sporty people that use Nike gear, but the main point of this platform is going to be the connection between customers. In this social space they will be able to share their experience’s and advice with other customers, as well as contact staff from Nike with doubts. This will encourage people to choose Nike over other brands as they know its not just using what you buy but taking advantage of the experiences of other people and maybe even meeting people with the same interests

In the future it won't just be an online community but a complete network of customers interacting.

We intend to extend the campaign Nike actually has and combine the ideas of online community and forums to bring it all together into an app and an online place that will be free to use for any customer and in which they can have real time streaming explaining things or reviewing products or video call other users. This networks of users are going to be supported in most devices and is going to take advantage of the wide range of possibilities this offer. We are going to implement more support to smartwatches and other devices that track your activity. The data will be collected and used to help you with your objectives. The data can be set to be public or private so you can check how other people you know are doing.

4) Video Sharing

We plan on using video sharing as a tool to get information to any potential customers, we are going to upload our content to many different sites such as YouTube, Facebook and other social media as well as to our own community webpage where it will even be interactive. We are going to upload videos mostly presenting our products as well as explaining them which is the main objective, making clear to people what sets us apart from other brands, what the advantages of our products etc. It is also going to be an objective to use the videos as a quality guarantee, showing our factories and the process as well as the security measures through all the company. The interactive videos will only be available in our community/forum site and customers will be able to click on different products which will be explained with text bubbles and additional pop-up short videos.

Community videos such as the one above as well as our own showing and testing new products.

Mateo Leoz, Faisal Shamary, Juan Mas.

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