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Hello Future Boudie Babe,

I am so proud of you for taking this first step towards self-love, body acceptance, and empowerment. We at Boudoir Moments are so proud of you! This is probably the scariest step, stepping out of your comfort zone & reaching out to book a session. Now that you've done that it gets easier from here! You have myself and my team to walk you through every step of the prep! From the shoot logistics to styling, life coaching, yoga, hair & makeup, the reveal process, and the after care with life coaching we walk you through every step!

Empowerment and boudoir sessions are for every BODY. There are no limits on age, shape, size, colour or lifestyle here. I am proud to tell you that I am Body Diversity Advocate and you will find that I have a wide array of bodies and women in my portfolio to demonstrate that. I am so proud to have the education behind me to be able to pose any and every body. It is important to me that you know I find all bodies beautiful and worthy of being seen and photographed.

I hope you to take this time to learn more about the session, how we can help, and most importantly taking this time to make yourself a priority and start your journey of self-love.

If you are not part of my private, female only Facebook group, now is a great time to join!

XOXO Shannon

Why A Session?

Let's talk about why you are doing this. Some women instantly say "this is a gift for my partner" but the truth is 99.9% of the women who I have the opportunity to capture are NOT doing this for a partner, they are doing this for THEMSELVES. These beautiful women I work with set their sights on self-love, body acceptance, empowerment and self discovery. They desire to see what I (and the rest of the world) see when I look at them. They want to see that they are beautiful, fierce and amazing and it gives me so much pride and honour to capture these amazing images for so many women. I love that it is okay for a woman to celebrate herself, to say I am enough and I am worthy to be celebrated. I love when a woman's self-esteem and confidence completely fills her up and helps her take on the world. I love when she realizes she is brave, courageous, badass, and can do ANYTHING.

I am proud of you for making the decision that you are worthy and valuable of this amazing experience! You deserve this! You have earned this experience, simply by breathing. You are female, you are fierce, you are beautiful, you are worthy and you are MORE than enough.

I love when a woman comes into a session and I see her completely transform in front of me. Most women come in a bit nervous, often their head hung down a bit lower, slunked into themselves. As hair and makeup starts, while chatting I start to see her personality come out. I see the topics that are important to her, and what she values. I love seeing her start to lighten up, seeing her smile and laugh and really starting to relax. A few nerves may come back when we are about to start the session as she slips into her first outfit, however, typically within 3 minutes she is comfortable and ready to be the fierce woman she was meant to be while I capture her beauty.

Through posing direction both physical and emotional as well as allowing you to be yourself completely I capture not only the outer shell of you, but the journey inside as well. This is something I take great pride in. My images and your gallery tell a story and show you the many different facets of your personality.

Most women are shocked that they do not have to act like someone else or turn into this ultra sexy person. We often are laughing a lot and having fun, talking about all different sorts of topics and about life. I often shock women when I show them the back of my camera and it is an ultra sexy image. They exclaim "How did you do that, that doesn't even look like me?!" I am always proud to say that is YOU!

You will receive a styling guide and I am often around for attire advice. Most women overthink this part of the process, so let me guide you through these details.

I have a closet wardrobe filled with over 100 beautiful pieces (varying sizes from xs to 5x) that you can borrow for your session. Let me know your size and your desire to use the closet and we will make that happen.

Professional Makeup & Hair Artist (HMUA)

Shannon works with select HMUA's hand chosen due to their professionalism and talent. These ladies will chat with you during your hair and makeup, put your mind at ease and help you relax while enhancing your natural beauty. The makeup chosen for your boudoir session is bold and heavier than everyday makeup. It is specialized for the sultry look you are wanting as well as the needs of the camera. We lose approximately 30% of the makeup simply from in person to click of the button. In editing we will continue to lose some of this makeup as well, so while your look is bolder in person, in looks natural and beautiful in your images. This add-on service is 120 and payable the day of your session directly to the HMUA.

Shannon Smith offers a premier session experience. This starts with a pre-consultation, Styling Guide & Advice, Access to the Client Closet, 1.5 hour session time and single location. It also includes your Reveal Session where you will view your fully edited images.

Session fee is 425+ gst and must be paid at time of booking to hold your time and date for your session. The session fee is non-refundable. Should you need to reschedule your date, a $200+gst rescheduling fee will be required.

All image digitals and products are sold separately. More on this below.

Reveal Sessions take place same day after your session. (You will have a break and go out for lunch and I'll soft edit images to show you). This is the time where I showcase your images, explain to you how to view yourself in a body positive way and we go through your images 1x1.

It is important to me that you know you are not alone while you view your images. This may be the first time you see yourself as beautiful, which can be overwhelming and I am here to be with you as you go through any or all emotions and to assist in any way I can.

During the Reveal Session you will also decide on what product purchase you'd like to make. I offer a 4 different base collections based along with additional add-ons. Your purchase is required the day of your Reveal and minimum purchase of my Basic Collection.

Artist Shannon Smith does offer payments via e-transfer, paypal/credit card or in house payment plans. Please note that all pricing is + gst.

Payment Plans & Collection Packages are explained further next.

Payment Plans

Want to take advantage of our in house payment plan?Details you need to know:

  • A 20% (of total purchase) convenience fee will be added to all payment plans.
  • To be eligible, there is a 1,000 minimum purchase, which must be paid in full before your session.
  • Your session fee is separate from your payment plan and is due up front to hold your date.
  • Length of payment plans: Shannon typically books out 2-3 months in advance, which gives you the opportunity to pay your balance over time.

Please note: Payment plans are not available at your image reveal for any upgrades or additional purchases. These must be paid in full at your reveal appointment.

Shannon typically books out 2-3 months in advance so this gives you the opportunity to breakdown these payments, on an agreed upon time-frame before the session.

Gold Collection

  • Luxury Folio Image Box, with 20 professionally printed & matted images 11x14 size
  • Choice of Black, Oatmeal or Pearl Grey Japanese Silk or Black Imitation Leather (upgrade)
  • Choice of Black or White Mattes
  • 16x24 Luxury Aluminum Wall Print
  • Corresponding Mobile App Images
  • Corresponding High Res Images via custom crystal USB in Wood box
  • $200 off next session (1 year limit)

3278 +gst

Diamond Collection

  • Luxury Hard Cover Lay Flat Album, 10x10 20 images
  • Luxury cover choices
  • *Add-on for specialty acrylic photo cover*
  • Corresponding Mobile App Images
  • Corresponding High Res Images

2178 +gst

Bronze Collection

  • Leather Soft Cover Lay Flat Journal Style 10x8 Album, 10 Images
  • Choice of Nubuck Brown or Black Leather & Gem covers
  • Corresponding High Res Images

1478 +gst

Basic Collection

  • 6x6 Black Linen Album, 6 images

978 +gst

Digital Collection only

Purchase all digitals from your gallery, no tangible product included

2800 +gst

Taking The Next Step

The fact that you are reading this means you already did the first (and most difficult) step by reaching out and saying you are interested in a session!

You know that in your heart of hearts you want to do this, so what is going to hold you back from doing so? NOTHING, that's what! You can do this! Stop all those excuses and remove yourself from the inner critic inside that says you can't do this, because I know you can! However, if you have any questions at all, please let me know so that I can help answer anything not covered and so that you feel completely at ease.

If you are ready to book then lets set a date and time! I typically start my sessions with makeup starting at 10am, end shooting at 1pm, we will break for lunch, and return to have your Reveal. Full day ends around 4pm. I work on weekdays only.


  1. How far in advance should I book? If you have a set date for when you need your product by (i.e. a wedding or birthday gift) please book so that your session is 2-3 months before your date required. This allows me to have your session, have your reveal, fully edit your selected images, order your product and deliver to you.
  2. I am nervous, is this normal? Yes! This is a process where you are stepping out of your comfort zone, into an unknown situation. Know that I am here to walk you through every step of the way and I am always here should you need to chat through your feelings. You can do this!
  3. Should I practice posing? Quick answer is: No. What I see and the camera sees will be different than anything you see in the mirror or practice. I am educated in posing all bodies, I will direct you from head to toe, often doing the pose for you as well, so all you need to do is follow my lead.

I often am asked if I will remove stretchmarks and cellulite and "fix" women in my images. The answer to this is a strong no. I do edit your skin - remove pimples and such that are temporary, however anything permanent stays. The reason for this runs very deep due to my values in Body Positivity, Body Image, and Self Acceptance. I will not hide any parts of your body - I will show you that your worthy of doing something amazing and bad ass with those parts. You did something absolutely incredible WITH those stretchmarks, like how amazing is that?! And that you are worthy of being photographed as you are NOW. Your body is a vessel that will showcase your journey that has led you to this point, and due to this it is important that you know you are worthy of being photographed with these details.

This session is to dig deep and for you to get to see yourself from a new perspective than you ever have before. This is all about you and for you, just as you are right now.

I will warn you now... you will experience a boost in self-esteem, confidence, and leave with a high on love for yourself feeling. These sessions tend to be addictive. You will want to do a session again soon to capture your next level of empowerment and self love shortly after.

I have a referral program for my clients and offer a package with a discount for a future session for this reason! Ask me about more details on this!

About Me

My name is Shannon Smith (that's me in the background image!). I am a bubbly, fun loving, caring woman. I am a mother of an amazing toddler boy, a wife of a supportive husband. I am open about my own journey, from prior to marriage to post partum, re-finding my self beyond my roles, and accepting & loving my body. I am a Body Diversity Advocate and Featured Artist through Every Bodies Education, a Featured Photographer and Member of Do More Photographers. I have also been featured on other publications such as Daily Elite and Twyla Jones Blog.

I adore capturing the beauty of women and showing them in a way they may never see otherwise. I truly believe that if our women feel powerful, heard, and seen that they, their partner, children, and community are also lifted. Women are powerful, even when they need reminding of that power.

Now that you are armed with so much information, are you ready to throw caution to the wind and jump in and book? I know you may feel nervous, but girl I got you!!! You are a badass amazing babe and I can't wait to show you this!

I would like to thank you for taking the time to read all this information!

To book please email me via my contact form here

I look forward to planning your unique session!

xo Shannon Smith

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