Bill Bowerman By, Avery Ramos

Early Life

William (Bill) Bowerman was born in Portland Oregon on February 19, 1911

He grew up with his mother in Fossil, Oregon after His parents divorced

He recieved his college degree at the University of Oregon in 1935, where he Played football and Ran track

Instead of pursuing his major to become a doctor, he returned to the University of Oregon and became the track coach in 1948

What did he do?

Bill Bowerman was the Co-founder of Nike

Bill Bowerman, Barbara Bowerman, and Geoff Hollister

Why did he do it?

It's 1971 and Bowerman was having breakfast with his wife. They were discussing different ways he could create a lighter shoe that gripped the grass and dirt the way a track spike grips the track.

Bill Bowerman with an early track spike

A lighter shoe would improve a runner's speed by shaving time off of their races

Bowerman was determined to create this shoe

While eating, Bowerman glanced over at his wife's waffle iron and came up with an idea

He would use the waffle iron to create a mold for a new and improved training shoe

Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman

He would later test these prototypes out on his runners. One of them being Phil Knight, who became co-founder

Bowerman and Knight would team up in 1964 to form Blue Ribbon Sports, later changed to Nike.

Consumer benefitS

In 1967, Bill Bowerman created the Nike Cortez. It was a lightweight running shoe meant for long distances and became known for being the most comfortable running shoe. When paired along with Bowerman's book, "Jogging", running was becoming more popular.

In 1974, Bowerman created the Nike Waffle Trainers

The shoes were made with Oregon colors for his track team
Olympian, Steve Prefontaine, trained by Bowerman was one of several to wear Nike trainers

Running was becoming one of America's pastime activities And the industry was growing quickly

Bowerman's shoes provided the many runners out there with comfort and still do on an even wider scale, since the 1960's

Today, Nike makes $280 billion annually

Selling about 25 pairs of shoes every second

Nike added many different types of apparel to their brand. Including different shoes for different sports and athletic clothing

Fun fact: the "Just Do It" logo was inspired from a serial killer who was about to be executed in the 70's and stated "Let's Do It" right before.

The Nike swoosh was made by a student of Bowerman for $35 and was meant to represent the wings of a goddess

One of the best sellers in the Nike brand includes the Nike Air Jordans

The biggest competItors of nike include...

Adidas, Puma, and German-made shoe brands were the only sneaker brands before Nike, which lead to Bowerman creating Nike in order to improve the running shoe and create one better for jogging.

Adidas is closest behind Nike, making $18 billion Annually

With Under Armour behind, making $3.96 billion annually


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