IKEA Manoa method


Trends affecting IKEA most profoundly

Clanning: trend about belonging to a group that represents common feelings, causes and ideas.

DIY (Do it yourself): is the method of building, modifying, or repairing things without the direct aid of experts or professionals.

Home tech: smart houses that incorporates advanced automation systems to provide the inhabitants with sophisticated monitoring and control over the building's functions

Compact life: living with what is really necessary , no excess.


Create futures wheel based on each trend

Push change to the extreme

3 levels of impact for each trend



Review the futures wheels for the 3 trends .

In this section we show how the different impacts interrelate with the futures we identified. We map the influences and interconnections.

ECONOMIC: furniture is more accesible to lower income groups, by reusing components to produce goods, costs will decrease,and so will the meaning price

SOCIAL: personalize furniture thanks to technology (3D printing). Happiness because furniture increases well being at home. Due to compact life people will live in smaller places. > More people :(

ECOLOGY: Reusing components means less disposable furniture> less environment destruction. When a piece of furniture breaks IKEA gives you the replacement.> More renewable energy in furniture



We chose this phrase because it summarize how people will be consuming and how their lifestyle will be. People will be using more technology and it will be accessible for more people.

At the beginning people might do a big investment to own technological products, but they will consume less and more convenient. People are more mindful about what they own.People consume less but they will become more attached to the things they own.



José does not possess too many things, he lives in a small house where he only has what's necessary to live with. José wakes up everyday using his wall screen which can be personalized to be an alarm, decoration wall, weather report,) After waking up he cleans his room by bending the bed and other convertible furniture. Suddenly when he was about to prepare breakfast the dining table leg broke, instead of going to the store to buy a replacement, he 3D printed the broken piece. After finishing his breakfast is time to relax and check the news, read something or just brows by using a technological product (there is not much human interactions). After that José has to go to work and locks his house using his app to shut down his house.


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