Good Life Presents: The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt by: Kunal Navani

I am off to see the good life! I am unsure of what to expect as I was given no background on the show. Everyone here is dressed extremely professional and I am most likely the worst dressed here. The feeling when I entered the building was dreadful. No one wanted to watch this 3 hour long play on a Tuesday, but I think they'll come around by the end of the play. My friends and I sat in the very front and it really helped the experience. It helped us see the reaction of the actors during the play which made everything feel more realistic. The size of the auditorium made the play feel more exclusive, which I really enjoyed. All in all, the auditorium and the energy really helped the overall experience.
I attended the play with my friends Kevin (pictured left) and Julia (pictured right). Being able to attend the play with my friends brought a sense of comfort. It was like watching a movie with your best buds on a Friday night, except it was the good life play on a Tuesday night. My friends also helped explained things to me that were culturally unknown to me. Having people around you can help you achieve the good life. The main character in this play achieved the good life (from what I understand) and Siddhartha achieved the good life because of all the people he met. All in all, I think having my friends there enhanced the experience of the play.

The play had many central issues but I think the main, central issue was how the main characters brother gave up everything so he could study and become a priest. It helped me realize, that even though the play took place many moons ago, there are still kids today in India, Africa, and even the United States. Even though I knew that kids were going through their lives without getting proper education I never thought anything of it, but this play helped me realize that even as one person I can still prevent a tragedy and help someone. Fortunately for me, I have not had to go through a death or a loved one or something close to it.

The play, "The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt" gives us a chance to come clean because of how life like and relatable the characters are. The characters all have realistic impurities and flaws. For instance, the main character got extremely angry and it made me question myself like so, "I get angry at the same things. Maybe I should tone it down because now i see what I look like?". It also head a death in the family which a lot of younger people have unfortunately experienced, so having a death in the play makes a lot of people remember their own family.

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Kunal Navani


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