As we have been talking along this project, it's important to have GOALS which train our STRENGHTS, give MOTIVATION for daily life and face the future with HOPE and OPTIMISM.

My wish is that, every time I stop for a while and I think about what I've done till this moment, I want to feel proud of the life I have. I don't want to regret for anything and I want to get benefit from anything I do.

I want to be happy, enjoy anything I do, surround my self with fantastic people who make me feel confortable and appreciate every second of my life, learn from different people and cultures, give value to what's important for me...

My life's objective could be common and abstract, but I think it's the best way to take adventage of my life.



I want to achieve and keep a good personal development, which consist of:

  • Positive state of mental health
  • Optimal human functioning
  • High levels of wellbeing
components of positive mental health (Jahoda model):
  1. Positive attitudes towards oneself: don't consider my self as the responsible of the bad situations happened around me.
  2. Self-development: having flow experiencies (because it means that your resources have develope), using my strenghts and increasing my emotional intelligence.
  3. Integration: meeting people who bring good experiences and with I feel free and authentic.
  4. Autonomy: knowing my self and being able to make decisions taking into account my opinion, objectives and feelings.
  5. Accurate perception of reality: being conscious of what's arround us, being realistic, without having an ideal or pessimistic view of the world.
  6. Environmental mastery: controlling what surround my self, searching what I want, looking for opportunities to develop my strenghts.
Optimal human functioning:


1. Satisfaction of psychological basic needs: link +competency +autonomy

2. System of goals: with intrinsic value + coherent with personal vaules


  1. Self - acceptance: love my self
  2. Positive relationships: warm and confident realtions (integration / link)
  3. Purpose in life: system of goals
  4. Personal growth: constant learning (self - development)
  5. Environmental mastery (competency)
  6. Autonomy

*Ryff model includes the ideas of Self - determination theory


HEDONISM: Subjective wellbeing = Affecte + Life satisfaction

>>immediate satisfaction and pleasent moments<<

EUDAIMONIA: Psychological wellbeing = 6 scales of Ryff

>>meaningful life, considering the human potential and feeling authentic<<



  1. Emotional wellbeing (hedonic approach)
  2. Psychological wellbeing (Ryff's model)
  3. Social wellbeing: wellbeing is strongly linked with our realtions and our attitude towards people around us.


  1. Pleasent life: experience positive emotions
  2. Engaged life: use of personal strenghts
  3. Meaningful life: system of goals

MODEL PERMA (Seligman):

  1. Postive emotions (pleasent life)
  2. Engaged life
  3. Positive Relationships
  4. Meaningful life
  5. Accomplishment: achieve your goals

* PERMA Model is an ampliation of the "Three paths of happiness" model

how i use these theories to achieve my goal:

I think that the best model which fit in my goal is the last one, PERMA Model. It includes my wish of:

  • Constant learning: I have dreams and goals, and I would achieve them while I'm growing.
  • Creating and giving value to the positive emotions I experienced.
  • Having good anf meaningful realtions.
I know that my goal isn't easy, but it's worth! and the best of it is that it doesn't have an end, so i can be working on it for all my life... and that's my purpose!!
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Júlia Freixes


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