The story of a Spiderman

One hot summer day, there was a young boy spider man. Now this boy wanted to be in the dirt bike race. The winning prize was $100, and since he was only 12, that seemed like a lot of money. His mother did not approve of this race, but let him go anyways.
It was the day of the race, and he was prepared to win. Everyone in the crowd was buying hot dogs and cheering for their kids to win. The racers all lined up on the finish line, and the race began.
The race was off to a good and fair start, until someone threw a rock onto the track. Unfortunately it was Spider-Man who hit the rock. When he hit the rock he started to flip in mid air, and on the last lap too. It did not look well in his perspective.
His whole life flashed before his eyes, one conversation he had with his mother in particular. The conversation was about how you should never give up on the first try, and if you keep trying you will succeed. So that's just what he thought he would do if he lost this race, he would just keep on trying.
Little did the Spider-Man know, the rock was right on the finish line. When he flipped the front wheel of his bike was right in front of the finish line, and his body was right behind it, he had won the race. The entire crowd cheered, and his mother ran down to hug him. His mother reminded him that if you have a positive attitude, then positive things will happen.
Created By
April Mae Lyons

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