Differences between NZ and North Korea


New Zealand

  • Freedom of speech is free to do
  • Freedom to access the Internet
  • Democracy
  • Make 94.08% more money on average than North Korea
  • New Zealand uses the Dollar
  • Ambolished the death penalty

North Korea

  • Use 92.34% less electricity than NZ
  • Are unable to easily leave the country
  • The media is owned by the government
  • Some people are allowed access to the North Korean "internet"
  • Dictatorship
  • North Korea uses the Won
  • Frequently executes its people
  • Has no international exports


  • Both countries contain human beings
  • Both have leaders
  • Both have seats at the UN
  • Both start with the letter "N"

Political Systems

(And how they affect the people)

New Zealand

New Zealand has a democracy

Because of this the people are allowed to elect a leader on regular intervals via voting. New Zealand also allows for the people to vote of a party group to help lead as well

North Korea

North Korea has a dictatorship

Because of this it is impossible for the people to chose their leader. He can do as he pleases with no risk of getting in trouble. The people have to live with this. They believe that everything is granted to them by the great leader and not knowing anything different they find nothing wrong with this. The government can tell the people what to do and they will listen and be gorced to Cary it out.

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