Frankenstein Volume II Chapters 2-3 Ellie McCarthy


  • At first, Victor feels happier and more cheerful
  • The next day, though, it rains and he feels depressed again, so in efforts to conceal his feelings from his father and Elizabeth, as well as lift his spirits he decides to hike up to the summit of Montanvert
  • He is at peace, and continue to hike, and then travels down the glacier
  • He then spots a figure of a man racing towards him , and he realizes its the monster he created
  • Victor tries to (verbally) threaten the monster, but the monster only threatens him in return. What doe the monster want and what will he do if Victor doesn't comply?
  • Victor curses the monster and his creator (himself)
  • The Monster talks very eloquently, persuading Victor to come sit by the fire in the monster's cave and listen to his story

Important Quotes from ch 2

You pick them out! Send one person from your group to write it on the board (try to be concise!)


  • Connection between Frankenstein and nature become very clear in this chapter: he is much happier when surrounded by nature
  • Nature also brings about guilt and misery though. Example? (Quote)
  • The Monster has a weird connection with nature, and thus Frankenstein does to
  • The monster lives in nature, but he is completely unnatural
  • Symbol: the monster shows victor's attempt is trying to overcome the forces of natural creation
  • Important transition: In earlier chapters, Victor feared the monster's physical strength, but now the monster begins to show his intellect.
  • What does the monster's demeanor in response to Victor show about his character? examples?
  • Victor describes the monster as disgusting and ugly. Could this be biased? How does this description change our interpretation as the reader?
  • Maybe the gap between humans and the monster is narrowing

CHapter 3 Summary

  • The monster and Victor sit by the the monster's fire, and the monster begins to tell his story of leaving victor's apartment and entering the wilderness
  • He begins by explaining his development of basic sensations like light vs dark, hunger, etc.
  • He explains how he found a fire and learned how to add wood to keep it burning
  • The monster looked food, and in the process found the hut and scared a man away
  • He scares more people away in the town. What does he decide to do to "solve" this problem?
  • What does the monster discover by looking through the wall? What/who is he observing?
  • How would you describe or summarize what the monster experiences/feels as he watches them?

Important Quotes from Chapter 3

  • Again, discuss with your group and put one or two on the board


  • The monster recalls his earliest memories, kind of like an adult recalling their childhood
  • Learning how to manage fire shows how he is becoming more and more human, closing the gap between Victor and the himself, once again.
  • What do you think this will mean in the rest of the story?
  • The family that the monster observes shows love and unity. This almost becomes his adopted family!
  • This makes the reader connect with the monster more, and thus reveals the bias of Victor

Any final qUESTIONS?

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