Good Life tour of the Harn By Seung Lee

Me upon entering the Harn

Medium of the art/Technique of the artist

Untitled #3 was an art work that grabbed my attention, but not for a positive reason. It brought forth feelings of confusion because the "art work" seemed like a mumbo jumbo of mess that a pre schooler could even make. On the other hand, the work did make me go in deep thought about what art is, and after some contemplation, I decided Untitled #3 is a unique art piece that purposely resembles a mess.

This is a picture of untitled #3

Design of the museum

The museum was well organized. It was easy to walk around and the art pieces were placed in an aesthetic manner. The way different types of pieces were grouped together, such as feminist art being grouped in an area, abstract art, asian art, african art made it very easy to view and observe the different art styles. The fact that I was not bombarded with multiple different style of art made it pleasurable and made me better appreciate the single style of art that was being presented. The lighting was also fantastic as it really highlighted the beauty of each art.

Art and Core value

One of my core values is to base off my understandings on facts and the context of the situation. The women only earn 2/3 of what men earn "art piece" is totally false and seems to be a propaganda to increase the number of irrational feminists. No serious economist takes the wage gap seriously, because women are not paid less for the same work as men. The art of the Guerrilla girls made me want to educate them on the difference of earnings and wages. All in one, this art work made me re confirm my belief that it is always important to use proper judgement based off of facts and context to distinguish propaganda from the truth.

The Propaganda piece

Art and the good life

The street scene showcases a peaceful group of people living their everyday lives. The picture brings about feelings of serenity, joy, and warmth which what is what I imagine the "good life" to be. After walking around the museum a couple of times, I kept coming back to this picture because I grew up in a setting quite similar to what is going on in the picture, so I guess the picture has my old feelings of nostalgia tied to it. This artwork shines of comfort that it engraved in my head that this is what a street "good life scene" may look like.

The street scene and a photo of me before exiting the museum.

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