Divergent Factions

Located south of Navy Pier, they value knowledge, they wear the color blue, smart and intelligent, Jeanine is leader, believe reason of war is ignorance

located far away from town, only faction that takes a train, they wear dark clothes, tattoos, piercings, they're dangerous, faction place is hard and dangerous to get to, they value bravery, believe reason of war is cowardice

Little known about the head quarters, they wear black and white and they can't lie, use truth serum, head quarter is south west of the Hub Willis (Sears) Tower below abnegation and they value honesty, they believe reason of war is because of duplicity.

abnegation head quarters located west of factionless, simple houses with few windows, wear plain grey clothes, value selflessness, in charge of food and donations along with helping the poor or factionless, believe reason of war is because of selfishness.

Located Ping Tom Memorial Park, wears red and yellow, head quarters used to be a train station converted into a green space, they value peace, believe reason of war is because of agression.

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