the Syrian civil war lack of freedom of speech

What was challenging about the Syrian civil war was that every time somebody tired to have a say about al-assad they would be killed for just trying to express their opinion. So many lives were taken from it. What is surprising is that Syria is ranked 177th regions that have the worst freedom of speech out of 180. other countries are ranked higher than them. for example Iran is ranked 173rd, Yemen 172nd and Saudi Arabia is 162nd. The Syrian civil war has changed my view on the Syria's revolution because they are not the only one's struggling and that they don't have freedom of expression like other countries. I chose Syria because i wanted to know more on why they aren't able to expression themselves through freedom of speech and why their lives are their punishment.

the incubation stage

the Arab Spring threatened to undermine the al-assad regime and start a real democracy. the Arab Spring wanted to give the people the freedom that they deserve. little did they know that people were going to take advantage of the revolution and try to turn into power and try to crush others. also that people were afraid to say or write about the government or the family of Bashar Al-assad. if they did it would lead to them being arrested or being tortured, most would be fatal.

the symptomatic phase

the Islamic brother started protesting against the government and because of the protest members of the brotherhood were either killed or persecuted. the Islamic brothers weren't the only ones in trouble or killed, many people in Syria were having trouble too. like when someone has been captured by the security branch they could be arrested and have no reason on why they are arrested. they could just go to his/her home or workplace and take them. the only way to find them is they would need connections with the security branches or pay bribes. so many people were scared to speak up and take a stand, they usually didn't say anything so they wouldn't risk punishment.

the Crisis phase

Because people were tired of not being to do anything about their freedom of speech, they took action and because of their actions came the consequences. people were being killed between the fires from the rebels and the government. the citizens that had their lives taken from them were mainly children that weren't between the fights. also airstrikes where dropped on the Islamic state. they kept fighting and protesting until they got what they wanted.

the convalescence phase

after the fight against the government for freedom of speech, they still didn't get it. all the fighting and protesting for nothing. they start from the beginning now they are even more scared to take a stand because they knew the consequences that they already faced. they feel like they do nothing now and they are going in circle that goes on for forever without any solution.

The English Revolution vs. the Syrian civil war

the English revolutions is very different from the Syrian revolution. the English revolution in the crisis stage they wanted religion,money, and power because they didn't have it. Syria doesn't have freedom of speech like other countries so they both have rights that they both don't have. also they both had rulers that are controlling and didn't care for others input. they have many similar things but so many differences too. during the English revolutions they got rid of king Charles the First. also the English created the bill of rights that the Americans then took part of their bill of rights. Syria is still with no freedom of speech and lives are being taken because of their personal opinion. the English got what they wanted and asked for while Syria is still fighting for what they want.

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