i am outcast Speak

Welcome im persuading everyone to read the book Speak By: LAURIE HALSE ANDERSON.

I am here today to persuade you people to read a book SPEAK :by Laurie Halse Anderson.It is an national book award finalist.It is about a girl named melinda horrible life that goes to highschool."Her life is just ruined because shes so in depression."She was raped at a highschool party and doesn't know how to tell anyone."It was like everyone around her was invisible.""She felt like everything has died to her."This affects the way melinda acts and her feelings.The guy that raped her is dating her best friend Rachel and she doesn't know how to tell her in any way."Melinda feels so useless to not tell her."Will melinda ever tell her best friend Rachel that her boyfriend raped melinda?

Speak, published in 1999, is a young adult novel by Laurie Halse Anderson that tells the story of high school freshman Melinda Sordino. After accidentally busting an end-of-summer party due to an unnamed incident, Melinda is ostracized by her peers because she will not say why she called the police. Unable to verbalize what happened, Melinda nearly stops speaking altogether, expressing her voice through the art she produces for Mr. Freeman's class. This expression slowly helps Melinda acknowledge what happened, face her problems, and recreate her identity.(wikipedia)

Speak is written for young adults and high school students. Labeled a problem novel, it centers on a weak character who gains the strength to overcome her past, through narrative events and adult guidance. The rape troubles Melinda as she struggles with wanting to repress the memory of the event, while simultaneously desiring to speak about it. Barbara Tannert-Smith calls Speak a trauma narrative. Janet Alsup specifies it as a "rape story". The novel allows readers to identify with Melinda's suffering. Lisa DeTora considers Speak a coming-of-age novel, telling Melinda's "quest to claim a voice and identity". Booklist calls Speak an empowerment novel. But, according to Chris McGee, Melinda is more than a victim. Melinda gains power from being silent as much as speaking. McGee considers Speak a confessional narrative; adults in Melinda's life constantly demand a "confession" from her. Similarly, Don Latham sees Speak as a "coming-out" story. He claims that Melinda uses both a literal and metaphorical closet to conceal and to cope with being raped.(wikipedia)


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