Science What I've learned

What is Science?

Science is the act to find facts about natural things through experiments or study.
Science can study how much a flower grows and how to make it grow faster because you can measure that to find it out.
Science can't study unicorns because they don't have the tools to study it.
You can't study dragons for the same reason you cant study unicorns.
You need energy to live. You need to grow or change to be living. Living things reproduce. Living things are made of cells. Living thing need food/nutrition and water. And finally they need air Manly carbon dioxide and oxegen
Trees use leaves to get their nutrition and their roots to get their water.
For instance Bull Frogs have a clear layer over their eye so they can see under water and they also have green or brown skin to blend in with their environment.
A fake skeleton is a Scientific model. And one reason that you would use a model instead of the real thing would be if it is to big like the planets in our solar system. My second reason would be if you don't have access to it like a skeleton.
Whats a System? It's sort of like a lot of parts working to gather to create one thing that dose something.
An example of a system would be a Rube Goldberg machine. What is a RGM well it's a coplacated series of events that dose a simple task like in the picture wipe his face. I think it is a system because every thing has to go right for it to work like team work.


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