Shawnee state university

Shawnee state is a studen-focused public university a highly personalized,affordable,and accessible university was founded in 1986 and is located in Portsmouth near the Ohio river the mascot being the bear We have 300 full and part time staff with 3,800 full and part time students and a faculty student ratio of 1:18 we currently have more than 15,000 alumni and we are quickly growing in numbers 1,000 students live on campus With 80 bachelors and associates degree programs in state tuition is about 7,365 US dollars out of state is roughly 13,031 room and board prices ranging from 8,730 to 10,944 95% of students receive some form of financial aid more than 2 million dollars in scholarships are awarded every year from Hilliard to the university it is 99.5 miles or one hour and fifty seven minutes if you're walking it's thirty three hours

Open admission to all high school graduates, or those with a ged programs in health sciences are selective in admission and limited in enrollment with more than 50 student clubs and organizations available on campus there are fraternity and sorority they have an active student government association and student programming board having an apartment style housing with full kitchens living rooms and dining rooms 17 intercollegiate men's and women's athletic teams including track,cross country,basketball,soccer,baseball,golf,women's softball, tennis, and volleyball also having an active intermural sports in basketball,bowling,golf,racquet ball,soccer,table tennis, and ultimate frisbee I selected this school because i wasn't considering its kind of far but they have interesting extra curricular activities

They are known for high graduation in business,biology,sports and fitness,and psychology they have a 75% acceptance rate and 64% returning for their sophomore year what surprised me about this college is pretty much everything I didn't know much about college in general so pretty much everything I learned was interesting they have a cafeteria and other food options that didn't surprise me I just forgot to put that in but everything else I learned was pretty interesting all the clubs and intermural sports and everything I didn't think I would even consider this college but after this project I might

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